A recent survey found that 90% of the American workforce would consider taking a freelance position. In the past few years, the freelance industry has grown by leaps and bounds. With the help of freelancing, you can take control of your financial destiny. However, there are a number of things you need to do to set yourself up for success in this industry.

Without a thorough game plan, you will have a hard time getting ahead in the world of freelance. Below are some things you need to put on your newbie freelancer’s getting started checklist.

The Ability to Accept Online Payments

Most workers are used to getting paper paychecks from their employers. Before you can start freelancing, you will need to figure out how to accept digital payments from your new clients. Having the ability to accept these digital payments can put you ahead of the game. Systems like Amaiz allow freelance business owners to both accept payments from their clients and easily spend the money they have earned.

This company also offers great phone-based customer service and an easy account setup process. Once you have the ability to accept digital payments, you can start seeking out jobs in your chosen niche.

Contracts Are a Freelancer’s Best Friend

One of the biggest mistakes new freelancers make is failing to use contracts. Unfortunately, there are a number of online scams that target inexperienced freelancers. Starting a new freelance job without a contract in place can result in you doing a lot of work and not getting paid. This is why you need to have a very detailed and legally sound contract template in your possession.

Paying a lawyer to help you devise this contract is a good idea. They will be able to structure your contract in a way that protects you and your intellectual property. Attempting to develop this contract on your own can lead to lots of legal loopholes being created, which is why seeking out the counsel of a lawyer is crucial.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

Perhaps the biggest benefit that comes with being a freelancer is the ability to choose projects you are actually passionate about. Taking on any and every job you come across as a freelancer isn’t a good idea. Not only will this make you feel overworked, you also may start to lose your passion for the work in questions. This is why you need to be selective when accepting jobs.

At first, this will be difficult because you just want to make some money to pay the bills. However, as you get some experience under your belt you will develop the ability to be more selective. Ideally, you want to choose projects that pay well and could turn into an ongoing stream of revenue.

Establishing Your Personal Brand

Attracting new clients in the world of freelance is more challenging than you may realize. Most of the businesses looking for freelance help will research various people online before making a selection. This is why establishing your personal brand as a freelancer is so important. Using marketing tools like websites and social media can help you showcase your work and your reputation online can help you land better paying freelance jobs. Working with online marketing professionals is crucial when trying to build your brand.

It’s Time to Take the Freelancing World By Storm

As you can see, becoming a freelancer is both challenging and rewarding. Following some of the tips in this article can help you take the world of freelancing by storm, which means you can make a living doing what you love.