You no doubt need a good workflow at your company. And in order for you to ensure your team has one, you should check out this helpful list below. Here are five ways you can create a great workflow with your team.

1. Pay Attention to Their Overall Well-Being

It is imperative you take into consideration the overall well-being of your team. You need to be certain they have all the resources needed to get their work done, of course. But you also need to be sure they have the resources needed away from the office. Insist that your team members have a work and personal life balance.

Send out regular communications that remind your team members about wellness. Highlight ways to destress from work and the rigours of life in general. Share with them healthy eating tips and ways they can be physically active. Ask your insurance provider, medical professionals, fitness experts, and/or a nutritionist to come by and talk with your team about wellness, too.

2. Consider Opening Your Workspace Up

If you have staff that is ever segmented and separated from other staff or their supervisors, you might want to create a more open workspace for your team. Think about limiting how many private offices you have. Consider more shared workspaces.

Removing some walls and consolidating desks are not the only ways you can open things up. Don’t forget your lighting can make a huge impact, too. Look into modern lighting systems that will not break your bank. Make sure you have as much natural light as possible in your workspace, too. Remove any heavy window treatments. Also, Get rid of any dark paint colours and busy or heavy wallpaper.

3. Focus on Clear and Encouraging Communications

When was the last time you looked at your communications processes? And when was the last time you assessed the tone of your communications? Look at how your team members communicate with one another. Pay close attention to how you communicate with them and how they communicate with you, too.

Use the praise bed method when critiquing other employees. Make sure any time you bring up an area for improvement, you sandwich it between two positive statements about their work. Constantly remind your team about communication protocols and procedures. And by all means, you must practice what you preach.

4. Be Certain You Have the Right Technologies

You need to be certain you have the right tech bandwidth for your team. You also must have the right tech products for them. And even if you have a tech department, you might benefit from hiring information technology (IT) consultants. IT consultants can ensure you run into no bandwidth issues. They can make sure all of your technologies are integrated, too.

And when it comes to tech products, you will have no hard time finding products that can help your team’s workflow. No matter your budget and no matter your industry, there are products that will help your team. Take time now to look into the great workplace communication solutions at your disposal.

5. Create a Culture of Formal and Informal Learning

Do not forget to make sure you have a culture of coaching in place on your business. Create both formal and informal coaching moments for your team. Find ways for your team to learn new skills and further improve their existing skills. One on one meetings and team meetings will help you with these efforts. Casual conversations also can be just as effective for you sometimes. So when the opportunity presents itself, you should go for it. You do not have to wait for scheduled learning times.

Remind your team that it is okay to ask questions. Do not retaliate if they come to you with complaints. Take any interaction with your team as an opportunity to learn. Take pride in learning from them just as much you value them learning from you.

The Workflow You Want

Through your use of one or more of the tips above, you are on your way to creating the workflow you want. So you might want to bookmark this page. You also can share this information with anyone at your company who might be interested in learning more.