An online presence is essential for real estate marketers to be successful in the pursuit of the hot sale. This is because 92% of house buyers hunt online first before making the decision to go and view the property personally. The real estate industry is on the cusp of a complete digital overhaul and it’s up to the agents to make the most of this. From clever digital showhouses to world-class photography, there are a number of ways to make the most out of digital marketing.

Pitfalls and Mistakes of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing of real estate will still happen, especially in tight-knit or smaller communities. For estate agents, this means ensuring they execute the marketing for the site perfectly. One of the biggest mistakes estate agents make when marketing a property, is not having sufficient professional photographs taken for their advertising board. Another fatal flaw agents make is not taking the flow of traffic into consideration when placing their showhouse boards, or placing it too far away to be noticed.

Combining Traditional and Digital Marketing

While there is still a need for the physical showhouse, there are a number of purchases that take place from start to finish on the net. Digital marketing levers to pull in the real estate industry include allowing potential buyers to take a virtual tour of the property with the help of real estate videography. Another must-have when marketing a property digitally is a digitally rendered floor plan of the site, with accurate measurements. This allows potential purchasers to get a feel for the size of the property before finalizing the decision.

Make the Most of Social Media

While it’s no surprise that the majority of potential homebuyers find their properties on the agent’s website, a remarkable sales tool that comes in a close second is social media. In today’s world of constant tweets and posts, it’s not unusual for home buyers to spot their perfect home right in their newsfeed. Real estate agents need to harness the power of social media as it will increase the property’s exposure to the ideal target market. Campaign ads can also be purchased and tailored to the ideal target market, right down to the age and area they wish to market their ads to.

Real estate agents need to reinvent themselves all the time to remain relevant in an ever-changing market. With the help of digital marketing, agents have an opportunity to reach a more focused market.