Are You Disciplined Enough To Work From Home? 

One of the benefits of building websites is being able to do it from anywhere as long as you have a computer on hand. Working remotely would be easy for someone who builds websites, but whilst there are positives to being based at home, there are also negatives. These need to be carefully considered before you make a career decision. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

The pros

  1. No Traffic: You’re not going to be stuck in traffic.
  2. Productivity:Without distractions, you can get work done quicker.
  3. Dress Code:No-one is there to pass opinion on your latest work outfit.

The cons:

  1. Self-Discipline: You have to motivate yourself.
  2. No Pressure:Your boss isn’t standing over you watching you work.
  3. Overworking:Finding a work/life balance can be tricky, and you could end up becoming quite stressed out.

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