Today is a momentous occasion…I am taking some advice from my brother.  Some background…my brother is an extremely successful journalist by trade and is now an editor at a leading agency in the big smoke; and I’m happy to say that I don’t just read his articles to be a good sister (I’m already that), but because they’re actually really rather good!

So, I’m taking some advice from a recent article of his and am stealing his idea by telling you all to GO OUTSIDE!  It’s amazing the different perspectives you can get just by changing the location of where you’re thinking.

Stand up and talk to people on the other side of the office, or whilst your standing in the queue at Coffee #1. Read a magazine that you’d not normally pick up or go to a class you’d normally walk past.  All these things not only challenge you but can help you see problems in a different light or spark new ideas all together.

Personally, I like to do business planning in a quiet coffee shop – which is oddly located in a cinema – with no laptop, just pen and paper.

I like to plan my marketing ‘campaigns’ walking up mountains or through the countryside, using the fresh air and ever changing scenery for inspiration; and finally I like to meet my clients outside of the office, where we’ll generally be more relaxed, less distracted and therefore able to be much more productive without even realising it.

So, take a look at Matt’s article, along with the very cleverly illustrated video and get connecting with people on different levels….not just email!