Sticking with the brand theme this week. Have you ever asked yourself why you buy your food where you do? Or have you turned your nose up at those who shop in ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ end supermarkets?

Moving in with my partner sparked this debate. I was a Waitrose girl at heart, and living by myself I could afford this, but now feeding two people this wasn’t realistic. My partner – who only saw food as fuel – was more of a bargain bin, cheap is best kind of guy! He even bought caged hen eggs (scoff!).

So, over the following weeks to come we did an experiment buying our weekly shop in all of the local supermarkets and weighed up our options.

I, the food snob, have been won over by Aldi’s great quality and price of everyday products, and he, the guzzler, has been won over by Waitrose’s quality.

I have to say that adverts did have an impact on these choices as well.  The Aldi ‘I like this…and I like this’ advert really appealed to our price conscious side where as the emotive Waitrose and John Lewis adverts make us feel like we’re part of something special.