Celebrity endorsement is a powerful thing. L’Oreal uses beautiful women with their shiny hair, Hugo Boss has hunky men and their husky voices. It’s all about building brand equity.

Brands use celebrities who they know their target market identify with or idolise and therefore increase the chances of people buying their products.

However, I believe some celebrities can just be very, very bad choices. The example I have chosen is the ever controversial Piers Morgan.

In this series of Lotto adverts it is all about letting the public know that anyone can win the lottery, as long as you’re in it to win it. Even celebrities could win, so lets make sure all the public is in so they have less chance of winning.  In this one, they portray Piers to be talking about himself as the big I Am, but we know this is him taking the mickey out of himself, all light hearted and hopefully lovable. But he isn’t. All this advert does is really make me hate him more.

The lottery, in my eyes is potentially very dangerous for some people who, if they added it up, could have probably put a small mortgage on a house the amount they’ve paid out on it and never seen any reward. They use an arse like Morgan to entice people to keep playing….just in case he wins.

As I write this I’m realising it’s actually a good example of celebrity endorsement for the very reason I just mentioned above….so I suppose my main anger with this advert is that I don’t believe he needs more airtime. So I won’t include his advert, but one which I enjoy…