Watching TV can be a roller coaster of emotions. You can, for the most part, choose what you watch depending on your emotion, or maybe you purposefully watch something to influence your mood. I know I’ve put on Brooklyn Nine Nine to cheer myself up after a rubbish day or put Family Guy on after I’ve watched a scary film to help me forget!

The one thing which we don’t really choose is adverts. Of course we can switch channels when we aren’t interested in something, but if you stay with one channel it can be eye opening how vast the array of emotions marketers can put to you.

Funny adverts like the Aldi ones…”I don’t like cheese, I don’t like kids”. Heartfelt and powerful ones used by charities and finally the one I wanted to write about today. I don’t think that ‘aww’ is an emotion but that’s what this advert does to me. This tiny little flying squirrel like animal stops me from grabbing the remote and flicking over like I do with most ads and I suppose that’s all the department want you to do. Watch the advert. The squirrel has nothing to do with breakfast biscuits, but that, mixed with the brilliant 80’s music has some crazy affect on me to make me remember the product as I type this.

This makes me think whether the ever important marketing message is actually that important?! I don’t know what the message this little animal is supposed to portray as it definitely doesn’t scream ‘oaty oomph’ to me.

Anyway, prepare to aww…