Building a marketing campaign can be a daunting task, especially considering the many factors involved in its creation. Making sure it’s successful can be quite the challenge, but it’s not impossible. If you’re tasked to make a blogger outreach campaign, its success is fundamental to the progress of your brand. This pressure aside, it’s actually very possible to make a successful outreach campaign. This article will explain just how you can do that.

Assessing The Numbers: Are Blogs Even Important?

Did you know that Google gets as much as 100-billion searches a month? And did you know that users have rated blogs as the fifth most trusted source of online information? Imagine if you started blogging and people started to recognise your site’s reputation, and imagine even just 1-percent of those Google searches being about your website. Imagine the kind of exposure you’d have to potential clients. This is how powerful blogger outreach can be, and for good reason. Companies that choose to blog can actually get 97-percent more links to their sites, and they are 13-times likelier to get better returns. In fact, marketers who blog can actually get 67-percent more leads – especially considering that 94-percent of people like sharing posts they think can help a lot of people. Imagine being able to tap into this kind of efficiency, and this will definitely give you a good look at how blogger outreach can help your site.

Blogger Outreach: The Recipe For Success

With the above in mind, it’s important then to consider all these potential benefits when formulating your strategy, as these are all the things you can reap with successful implementation. However, just how exactly are you supposed to fulfill these goals? Here are key steps to making your blogger outreach campaign successful:

  • Establish meaningful relationships with authoritative sites: The core of blogger outreach lies not just with the kind of content you want bloggers to write about you, but to actually tap into authoritative sites for assistance. Identify the top writers and blogs in your respective industries and start building relationships with them. Add or provide something about your site or brand that can be helpful to their blog, and start building insightful conversations with them. Always keep a positive tone and be intent – strive to know how to get quality backlinks from them and establish good rapport with them once you start requesting for backlinks.
  • Have your competitors on a lookout: Another helpful strategy to get yourself an efficient outreach campaign is to actually be on the lookout on how your competition works. If your competitors are ranked well, they possess high-quality backlinks – so try tapping into the backlinks they’re using. Research on the blogs they’re using and which influencers they’re tapping, as chances are you can also seek help from those influencers to up the ante.
  • Get yourself emails for faster and wider reach: Don’t just manually find bloggers as this will take you forever. Rather, gather their emails as this is the quickest way to build an efficient outreach network. Use tools such as ToutApp, Rapportive, and Email Hunter to find email addresses in various places and platforms, so you can have a quick list of emails to rely on in a pinch.
  • Authority counts when it comes to bloggers: Aside from choosing bloggers with a large audience, be keen as to the authority of the pages that link to you. This is one of the most important ranking factor Google and other search engines use. Judge the authority of the site not just through its search engine rankings, but through the eyes of their audiences as well.
  • Add links to your viral content: If you have easy to share content that can be viral, such as videos and photos, be sure to add or embed backlinks to your content. Also upload the content you have to Google and set up Google Alerts with your backlinks on the content (video and graphics) you’re publishing. That way, you can be immediately alerted whenever someone shares your video, and basic information will be available. When they use it on their sites and platforms, request if they can add your backlink to their metaspace.
  • Tap into efficient guest blog posters: Guest posting is undeniably one of the most famous and popular ways to get quality backlinks, and you can find good guest blog posters when you look at your competition. Try to inspect the guest posts done by brands in your niche and do a basic Google search on the post. You can then get all the blogs from your counterpart, and you can then seek those sites out for guest blog posting opportunities.
  • Embed codes in your posts: Similar to the viral posts tip, try to embed your link code into your posts. When infographics you make are shared or downloaded, try to embed links into the infographic and tweak the code in such a way that when people embed your graphs on their site, they actually link back to you.

The Takeaway: Success Hinges On Execution, Efficiency

As with any form of marketing campaign, using blogger outreach as a means to expand your brand can be an extremely helpful way of achieving the returns you need. However, proper execution and efficient planning are very important in order to fulfill these goals appropriately. Following the steps above could help give you a positive edge towards making a successful blogger outreach campaign, and this can even broaden your horizons and expand opportunities for expansion for your company.