Gone are the days when Search Engine Optimization was simply about keywords. Although keywords still hold an essential position in their functioning, they cannot be deemed as everything that SEO offers. 

So, if you think you will simply put some focus keyword within the articles and just call it a day, you are far from gaining organic traffic on your website. 

If you are getting impatient from the constant drawbacks and your work is not ranking in spite of using SEO tools religiously, then maybe you are doing something wrong. 

Common SEO Mistakes You Need To Avoid Making

Comprehension to error is the first step of correction, so if you search for this article, you are halfway there. Here are the most common SEO mistakes you need to avoid making in 2022. 

1. Keyword Density Saturation 

Maintaining a good keyword density is definitely crucial for your article to rank in the SERP [Search Engine Result Page]; however, over saturation of anything is not good. 

In order to get your article ranked, if you are using the means of hiding the focus keyword too many times in your website but using the same colored font as a background, then stop that right away. The Google algorithm catches all these tricks. 

2. Lack Of Research 

Content is the major part of SEO since it is your content that is potentially fulfilling customer needs and bringing them to your website. However, if your content is not satisfactory and provides every information someone is asking for, they will click out. 

Google algorithm marks this as an article not doing good. 

3. Not Being UP To Date 

The internet is an ever-evolving phenomenon, and one could never foresee the changes that will be coming in the future when they drop content in it. 

Therefore, if your content is not modified according to the new SEO rules regularly, then this might result in a low ranking. 

4. You Lack The SEO Blueprint 

Search engine optimization will sound like a very exciting plan when you first hear about the concept. However, this is the problem when we get overwhelmed with the hunger to do something; we tend not to make a foolproof plan. 

If you have a hearted idea and very little practice of SEO, you might not attain the desired results you are so excited about. The first step, learn about what is SEO and how it works

5. Not Taking Feedback 

In the high of giving our individual best at every content, we sometimes tend to forget that there is an audience algorithm for this. 

If you are not checking viewers’ feedback regularly. 


Researching on how the audience’s mind changes over the internet. 

How will you offer the solution based on their needs?

6. Not Giving Enough Backlinks 

It is not just that particular content that needs to rank; the entire website deserves a surge in organic traffic. For this, you have to link each content to the other with backlinks and strategic writing. 

Your audience should recognize the entire ecosystem of your website, not simply that one article that they read some time ago. 

7. When You Don’t Know Your Audience 

The entire purpose of SEO is to know what the audience wants and strategically place that information all around the content. At this time, the content is bound to fail in the algorithm when your lack of research gives you no knowledge of the audience you are appealing to in the first place. 

8. You Fail To Check On Competitors

If you want to learn what you are doing wrong, first see what your competitors with good search engine performance are doing right. 

Go through their content; observe their SEO methods but don’t directly copy and implement. Try to learn how you can do better than them. 

9. Forgetting Tags, FAQs & Meta Descriptions 

Your goal with SEO is not limited to giving people what they want. Rather it should extend to providing them with the information they didn’t even know that needed. 

This is done by ‘not skipping’ on miscellaneous details like Frequently asked questions and bold tags. 

10. Not Optimizing For Smooth Mobile Searches

Did you know more than 70 percent of searches today are done with a mobile phone? If you haven’t invested in a mobile phone user-friendly SEO tool, Google will automatically recognize the drawback and not put you in the top search results. 

Since you are not providing the audience with a smooth experience, it will be counted as a drawback by Google.  

To Conclude 

Now that you have understood the potential errors you are making in your SEO, remember to work on the 360-degree algorithm. 

Cover all grounds and dimensions. 

It is not just about keywords.