I LOVE the most recent advert – I don’t think I’ve seen a poor JL ad, but this one I really like!

The advert has all the tell tale signs of a John Lewis advert: funky music, ‘normal’ colours, nothing too outlandish but something homely and warming about it. All pointing towards the premium brand we know and love.

This advert though, really hits the nostalgic spot with me, as I once was that tiny dancer, although my leotard was pink (same ruffles though). Causing havoc throughout my childhood house, be it trying out my new roller blades on the cream carpet and leaving black streaks everywhere, or writing on walls (and furniture), to making the family pancakes and then needing to buy a new frying pan after my failed attempt…

The brother/sister relationship in this advert also reminds me of my own childhood. The bewildered look on the little boys face says it all “uhr she is so weird”, a feeling I remember having for my brother on many occasions and he having with me. However, even now I don’t understand his feelings on this matter…I’m a delight.

As a now honorary mother (step mum!) to a 10 year old boy, I watch him fly around the house each weekend, getting mud over the carpet, pen on the sofas and jam on the walls – even if he doesn’t eat jam the whole weekend! He leaves me with a huge smile on my face seeing him so happy and then after the school run I’m left with the bombsite that is the house.

I’m sure I’m no different to other people who watch this advert; you think about your own childhood memories of running riot and now, as an adult, feel relieved that you have the peace of mind in things such as home insurance, for when a child makes your home a playground.