Communication technology has been evolving for an extended period now. The business world is also changing. The changes in technology are shifting the rules and possibilities of human interaction. Work meetings and business communications are also affected by changing technology.


Unlike the olden days when the hardest part of organizing a business meeting was coordinating schedules and finding a conference room, the big question nowadays is whether your work meetings are keeping the pace. Work meetings have shifted and are being conducted anywhere and anytime, thanks to cloud technologies and mobile devices. To hold company meetings online, you need to have a variety of resources, as discussed below.


Slack is meant to make your life more pleasant, productive, and more straightforward. It helps in communicating with your team, accessing them anytime and anywhere, and searching them instantly. With Slack, you can share files and messages in real-time.

Similarly, Slack allows you to document and search for information, and this helps you keep everyone in the loop. It also allows inline videos and images accompanied by link summaries to give their context. Slack can be integrated with other tools like Twitter, Dropbox, Google Hangouts, and Zendesk. Besides syncing across all your devices, Slack also configures notifications for mobile push messages, desktop, and emails.


A flexible video conferencing tool, Fuze, allows you to carry out your work meetings online. It ensures each member in the meeting contributes despite their location-seamless communication feature. If you are looking for a video conference or online meeting tool that is of quality and is reliable, Fuze can be of great help.

Some of Fuze’s features include MP4 support, recording meetings, sharing content on the cloud and HD video, and screen. More features include usage analytics, reporting, user management, and room solution.

Google Hangouts

This is a popular tool for team meetings that is backed up by its value and brand name. Hangouts allow for voice calls, messaging, and face to face interaction. With Hangouts, you can make a group call of up to 10 people, and you can share maps, photos, documents, and more.


One of its best features is its ability to turn a conversation to a free video-conferencing with just one tap. With Hangouts, you can call any phone number and connect your Google Voice Account to integrate SMS, Voice mails, and phone number. Being a cloud-based technology, you can attain and hold meetings from anywhere in the world.


MeetingBurner is a fantastic online place to organize online meetings like any other. One of its main advantages is that you can use it in the browser, meaning you do not need to download the app. The tool would also come in handy when you are hosting webinars and sharing your screen. Premium subscribers have the advantage of adding up to 250 attendees in their meetings.

Besides live meetings, MeetingBurner also allows for one-click meeting recordings, sharing, and autopilot meetings. Additional features include meeting analytics and Skype integration. It also has a meeting registration page that is customizable, automatic email reminders, and an in-meeting chat. With the analytics feature, you can get an overview of how the team interacts with your content. Its easy interface and fast load times make it among the frequently used online meeting tools.


The granddaddy of videoconferencing tools, Skype, is a tool used for free HD video calls. The tool is used by millions daily to network with colleagues and business partners around the world. You can easily download the app on computers, phones, and even supporting televisions.

Using Skype, you can broadcast to groups of at least 25 individuals, and you can use it to transmit files and photos regardless of the size. One of its best features is its free Skype to Skype calls anywhere in the world. However, calling to landlines and mobiles worldwide are charged at meagre rates. What’s more, Skype has a unique translator feature that translates messages and calls with someone speaking another language.

Face to face meetings offer intrinsic benefits, but they are not practical. Your company might have different work teams spreading across the world, and they need to have a meeting. During such instances, technology becomes your best friend. Whether you need a free online video conferencing app or a way to send mass texts looking into these resources should help. The next time you want to carry out an online meeting, consider working with any of the resources mentioned above.