2016 is a big year for my family. We’ve got a 1st, 30th and 90th birthday. A Christening, my wedding and honeymoon.

All of these events are undoubtedly exciting, not always taking over our lives, forefront of our minds exciting, but definitely bursts of excitement! I know this is sad, but I obviously have a Wedding Countdown on my phone (249 days at the time of writing, to be exact).

However, all these events pale in comparison for my darling fiance (and most of the Welsh nation) who has been on the countdown since before Christmas for his most wonderful time of the year…the 6 Nations. I’ve come to discover this to be a National event in Wales and one which is taken very seriously. So much so that the adverts which are aired to promote the tournament have become as highly anticipated as the John Lewis Christmas ad.

The marketeers of the opening titles have created a genius sequence depicting each nation, bringing tingles to every viewer, as well as creating rousing adverts on BBC getting the nation ready for the pending action.

I think the pick of them all has to be the 2015 opening sequence created in the style of Game of Thrones. Here’s a reminder of this great piece and let’s see what this year will bring!


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