‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’ was the soundtrack of my life whilst attending Reading FC every week. This phrase was a favourite of the old man behind me and something he continually shouted at referees and linesman, which, after time, little laughter from those around.

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The TV adverts are therefore slightly more annoying for me than others and their lifespan for me is short. However, the recent creation of this advert staring John Cleese has definitely tickled me. Being shown re-runs of Fawlty Towers growing up I am very much used to the irate outbursts from Basil which fills the viewer with such joy.

Watching this advert with my fiance (who has not seen Fawlty Towers – this has to be rectified before we walk down the aisle) his reaction was “he must need money” and normally I would have just grunted / ignored the comment, but on this occasion I felt the need to defend Cleese. The scene which this depicts is comedy gold and timeless, which has been seamlessly reinvented to fit into this advert.

Thankfully, the phrase is now so well know that the words don’t even need to be vocalised, and therefore we can finish watching the comedic genius that is John Cleese.