Technology is changing people’s lives in ways most prominent experts could not imagine just a few decades back. For many of these individuals carrying smartphones wherever they go has become a norm. It is not uncommon for them to use such devices to access the information they need browse through online when comes to purchasing products or services in the market. Even corporate buyers are now joining the bandwagon. This is the reason why entrepreneurs and executives operating organizations carrying on business-to-business (B2B) activities need to exploit the opportunities this mobile revolution opens up for them. They need to make it an integral part of their overall B2B marketing policy.

Need for B2B mobile marketing strategy

Industry experts point out the prominent companies of various sizes are now allowing their staff to use their personal smartphones to make important purchases on behalf their employers. Research in the areas of B2B mobile usage show that almost 50% of such corporate purchasers use such devices to make price comparison and study the salient features of the products they wish to buy. Moreover, they do all this from their office cubicles. Entrepreneurs need to ensure that the mobile marketing strategy they come up to exploit this trend works to close coordination with other critical departments of their organization. These include corporate information technology, finance, ordering, sales and customer service.

4 key ways to implement a suitable B2B mobile marketing strategy

Such professionals further explain the following 4 important ways such entrepreneurs and top managerial personnel can engage their corporate customers with a suitable B2B mobile marketing strategy:

1. Ensure your business website is mobile friendly

This is first step such businessmen need to take if they want to interact with such clients in an effective manner. They need to understand that the smartphones available in the market allow users to view different kinds of websites but most of these devices have small screens. This make browsing through such contents frustratingly slow for such people. Moreover, there is no hard and fast rule that the corporate customers of such entrepreneurs will access their sites from a location with a good internet connection. If their business websites are not mobile-friendly, they will find themselves in a disadvantage in the market. To overcome this obstacle, they need to consult the experts of IT departments to come up with viable solution. They also need to keep in mind the following points:

  • The pictures of the products or services they display need to be small and of low resolution. This allows to customers to download such images within a very short time span and view them properly on their mobile phones;
  • There is no need for such entrepreneurs to include animation in their business websites as most smartphone available in the market cannot handle such images;
  • The entrepreneurs should ensure their business websites are clean, convenient for their clients to navigate its contents and efficient; and
  • Their business websites should contain important features such ‘click to call’ buttons that allow their customer to phone them while browsing its content.

If such entrepreneurs find such tasks too difficult for them to carry out, they can seek the help of people specializing in the field by visiting websites like

2. Short messaging services (SMS) should be an integral part of your customer care strategy

Experts say text messaging is a very convenient way for entrepreneurs to communicate with their corporate customers. This is why they should take the necessary step to make SMS a vital component of their B2B mobile marketing strategy. Moreover, the employees of such people in the business responsible for handling customer care should be experts in this field. They should be in a position to respond quickly to relevant answers to queries such clients text regarding the products or service their organization deals in. Such steps can go a long way in having a positive impact on the purchasing decisions of such customers in the long-run.

3. Your business website should have an order application compatible with smartphones

Most entrepreneurs are probably aware that popular smartphones available in the market have cameras of varying resolutions. Such devices allow corporate clients to scan the barcode of the products they like to reorder from the organization’s deals in them. Such businesspeople need to ensure their websites can suitable features that allow customers to perform such tasks and even enter the quantity they need without much hassle.  This saves them to the time of having to determine what they need, browsing through the supply closet to see if such products are available and then placing an order. They can also send confirmation via email separately.

4. Video features

Most smartphones have certain features that allow its users to take pictures and video. The B2B mobile marketing strategy such entrepreneurs implement for their organizations need to exploit such capabilities. Whenever one of their corporate customers has an issue with the products they supply, they should encourage such buyers to take photos of such goods with their phones. They can then send these images to people in charge of customer care to deal with in the problem, come up with a viable solution within a short time and inform such customers. This goes a long way in enhancing their purchasing experience. In the same manner, such proprietors can instruct their information technology experts to make trouble-shooting videos for the convenience of their clients. This helps them to care take of common problems they are likely to face on their own. It also enhances the reputation of the establishment in their eyes.

Entrepreneurs need to go out of their way to ensure their customers get value for their money when they make purchases from their organization. They may notice that normal and B2B have a similar expectation, but their approach to dealing with each of these groups need to be different. Again, the proliferation of smartphones in recent decades means they come up with suitable B2B mobile marketing strategies that can help them gain the competitive edge. Implementing the above four crucial steps can help these businessmen to achieve this objective without much too much difficulty.