Over the years Amazon has become synonymous with e-commerce for entrepreneurs, sellers, and buyers all over the world. From FMCG to live cockroaches, you can find it all on this popular and powerful seller site. It is one of the better ways to promote brand identity and establish a dedicated market without spending a lot of resources on setting up an independent website.

Millions of sellers are already on Amazon from different countries across the world trying to sell their best products. New entrepreneurs can find it more than just a bit challenging to secure a market within a short period. Competition is stiff, and buyers have thousands of options to choose from. Before uploading your product and brand on Amazon, you need to find out all you can about similar products and your competitors. Manually accessing seller data, logging sales and updating changes in inventory is a never-ending task. With the bulk of seller data Amazon generates each minute, it would take a team of data experts night and day to simply collect all relevant information.

What is Amazon product research?

Seller research is not just about data collection. You need to interpret the data to understand what your target buyers are looking for and what they are buying. Tracking the activity of over 244 million active users from around the globe is no joke, and that demands a tool powerful enough to handle filtered searches, observe best sellers, track competitors and research the active market. A wholesome research cum tracking tool can help sellers understand the services they need to improve. Tools like this can help you get the gist of all customer reviews and ratings as well. You can use the keyword inspector feedbacks to generate new product descriptions using trending keywords for SEO to improve visibility.

Right now, several companies provide plug-ins, one-step tools and Chrome extensions that can help you track your performance on Amazon as well as complete your product research on the seller platform. You will chance upon several tools that automate the entire process.  

Who are the immediate best sellers?

Amazon Best Sellers can give you more than one clue about what your target buyer might want right now. This seller platform provides lots of information to help with your product research. The best seller page lists all the best-selling products that you might as well categorize as per category and subcategory. It is your responsibility to peruse the list and find out which products perform the best. Check out your immediate competition regarding market coincidence and product niche.

What are your competitors doing?

In business, it is very necessary to look forward towards a goal to proceed towards success, but it is impossible to conquer a market unless you have pinpointed your competitors. You need to keep an eye on what your immediate competition is doing to stay ahead. While some of them may have a responsive website with several CTAs, responsive sliders with live banners and active email marketing campaigns, others might just be using the power for good keyword strategies to stay on top of every suggested list on Amazon.

The better way to understand a competitor’s strategy is to experience their service at least once. Buy a simple product (something similar to what you are offering), understand the customer service they are offering (some sellers send follow-up emails or messages with more product lists or new offers) and use the product. This will give you a deeper understanding of a brand.

What should you use for Amazon product research?

There are several automated software programs and website plug-ins that can help you conduct product research. Always ensure that they offer database facilities, competition tracking and product comparison for new sellers as well as old ones. You can also find several free tools that can aid your research process on Amazon. Either hook them up to your Chrome browser or add them as a part of your e-commerce site for completing your product research team.

Starting out on Amazon may not seem as easy for a new affiliate marketer. However, having a couple of tools in your quiver can help you forge the path to your sales goals more easily. Once you can see the numbers you need to set as targets or inspirations, you can estimate the amount of effort your current sales and marketing campaign needs to change your company’s fate. While at it, do not forget to invest in a powerful tool that tracks your ROI as well.