More people prefer shopping online for clothes, but many still remain uncertain about buying clothes online. We all have been there, ordering an exciting shirt or trousers, only to get disappointed when it arrives and is a horrible fit too. 

What exactly goes wrong with these horribly fitting clothes?

You ordered the medium size and received the same, still, it misfits.

The problem lies with the absence of any universal scale for brands to follow. There are no such universal small or medium sizes. A medium-size from one brand will fit you differently from the same size from another brand.

How exactly do you ensure that your shopping experience ends well?

Here are the tips to make sure you buy clothes online like an expert.

  1. Get your measurements right 

If you can accurately measure your body measurements with a garment’s size chart online, you will get the right size always. Websites like Myntra and Jabong have a highly accurate size chart which is why you need to know what’s the right measurement for you.

In online size charts, you will find sizes typically listed as small (S), medium (m), large (L), and extra-large (XL). Along with these sizes, there will be accompanying measurements in inches or centimeters that will give you an approximate idea of which size is most suitable for you.

The first step towards becoming an expert online shopper is to know the most accurate measurements of your body. We recommend enlisted the help of a tailor to get these sizes. Most of you might be wondering why can’t I do it on my own? You can, but we are not sure how accurate those measurements will be. Think of getting measurements from a tailor like an investment that will allow you to save huge on ordering clothes.

  1. Know what materials you do like 

Have you ever tried a dress that appealed so much when you looked at it but as soon as you put it on, you just want to take it off because it’s insanely uncomfortable?

The material is as important as the size when buying clothes online. As you will not be able to try it before buying, know what type of material best suits you. It is not only about comfort, but different materials also serve a different purpose in your wardrobe. During winters, woolen garments will provide much more warmth than denim. 

The best way to decide what kind of material you like the most and best suits your lifestyle is to look at the clothing you already own.

  1. Know different kinds of styles 

Just like any other industry, there are a dozen in-house terms and lingo in the fashion industry as well. Terms like the athletic, boot, relaxed, slim and regular are commonly used to describe in what way a garment fits on your body.

Before you cash in your Myntra coupons for that adorable suit, make sure you understand that the style will fit you perfectly or not. This is why the choice of the right style is important. A regular fitting shirt will be loose around your arms, waist and chest as compared to a slim fit shirt.

For shirts usually, these styles are used:

  • Slim fit
  • Regular/Traditional fit
  • Athletic fit

For pants, you will find styles labelled as:

  • Slim
  • Regular
  • Relaxed
  • Loose

To know what style suits or fits you best, you need to again head towards your wardrobe and check the existing clothes.

These are the 3 beginner’s steps that will help you find the right fitting and best quality garment when shopping online.

But we are not done yet, you also need to pay attention to some other pointers.

  1. Always check the return policy 

Never buy clothes online before you check the return policy. As clothes often than not need to be returned, the process must be hassle-free. Every online store has its own return policy, but pay attention to:

  • How many days you have to return the item after receiving it?
  • Whether you will get a full refund or store credit?
  • Is there a try-before-buy policy available?
  • Who will pay for the shipping of the item being returned?

These are some important questions that need to be answered before you buy clothes online. This gets a little confusing if you apply coupons when ordering clothes online. For instance, if you use Jabong coupons while placing your order, in case of return you get a refund for the amount you paid, not including the coupon amount.

  1. What never to buy online? 

While we are in favour of buying clothes online, but we strongly recommend you not to buy fitted clothing.

Apparels like fitted suits and jackets have an inherent requirement to be fitted perfectly to look good. There are so many things to consider from exact measurements to fabric, that unless you are getting an incredible deal on fitted clothes, it is not worth the trouble of buying them online only to get fitted by a tailor later.


Online shopping for clothes doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult.

All you have to do is to follow these 5 simple steps and we ensure you will get the right clothes from your favourite store online.