Content isn’t the king; it is the kingdom. And to run the kingdom smoothly we need to use tools that suffice the purpose hassle free. It is also about collaborating with other aspects of marketing which streamlines the overall process.

With rapidly growing technological advancements, there seem to be the general notion that anything and everything needs to be automated i.e. can be done with a buttons click. While that might be true in many instances, it certainly does not hold true for content marketing as it is mostly based on ideation.

Having said that marketing automation can increase the efficiency of any content marketing strategy tremendously which in turn will boost sales. Content is the message your brand conveys to the world therefore, by creating truly helpful and relevant content for your audience, you can build long lasting relationship with them.

The truth of the matter is customers hardly require a sales person’s assistance while making a purchase anymore. Since there is so much information available on the internet why bother and rest assured any prospect has already referred to at least 3 sources before even approaching your brand.

Google calls this trend the “Zero Moment of Truth” which speaks for itself that nothing is hidden anymore, therefore with this trend of customer’s hyper awareness, the need to produce exceptionally helpful and relevant content has increased more than ever.

Now here’s how implementation of automation tools help in enhancing your content marketing strategy, Keep reading to find out.

Are you trending enough?

The content your business should not only be relevant but it should also be highly readable. By producing content which is truly helpful as well as educational, will not only attract new users but will keep the existing users engaged with your brand, which in turn will increase your brand recognition and visibility.

Now how does content marketing automation tools come into the picture?. By using Buzzsumo you can find out the topics and the content which is popular amongst the audience and relevant to your business as well.

By generating content on similar topics, you bound to attract relevant traffic to your site which in turn generates valuable leads for your sales team to follow up afterwards.

Versatility Pays!!

Just producing great content isn’t enough as you can utilize your top trending articles publishing in variety of formats and platforms so that it reaches maximum number of audience.

Lumen 5 is a nifty content marketing automation from which you can convert you content into video for format with ease which is useful when posting on platforms like youtube. When it comes to shaking things up – content wise, feel to free to be as creative as possible for instance changing the article into neat little infographic using Piktochart or slide share automation tools so that you can post your content platforms lie Pinterest or

The main intent behind these modifications is to find out which type content and platform works best for your product and business. Thus improving upon our strengths and removing the weak point in our content marketing strategy.

Are they ready enough?

Now that after you have produced helpful content and published it in a variety of formats, but still find that although traffic to your site has increased quite a bit but the sales are still not up to the mark.

80% of prospects are qualified, but not ready to make a purchase initially

A lot of times due to their own personal concerns it’s been noted, that majority of prospects tend to forego the buying decision in the first go, even though having the means to make the purchase.

This is where the processes of lead nurturing and following up come into play and they are practically the bread – butter of marketing/sales team. With the help content marketing automation tools like infusionsoft you can design automated e- mail sequences as per your business requirement.

By these automated sequences you can ensure that the e-mail reaches the right people at the right time, gently guiding them towards making the purchase in the favour of you business.

Let’s analyse that!

Analysis is a key player which comes into action in every stage of any marketing strategy especially when it comes to content. It is extremely crucial for business’s health to figure out which piece of content is resonating with audience and more importantly analyzing the content which doesn’t.

Earlier the process of content analysis was quite manual in nature involving laying out the content on a worksheet or paper which is handwritten.

With the implementation amazing automation tools like Dyno mapper and Seoptimer the process of analysis has become simpler and efficient. These content marketing automation tools will not only provide a detailed report of which part of content is not working on your site, but will also provide a list of recommendations on how you can improve the efficiency of your content.

Consistent analysis of your brand’s content will improve on the efficiency of the content and will improve your site’s search ranking in the search engine, thus increasing the visibility of your business which also increases the probability of sales.

Summing it up

It’s been made clear that automation might not be able to directly improve the quality of the content however it does go a long way in to supporting your content strategy and expediting the sales procedure.

The influence of automation in content marketing permeates in every aspect of any sales strategy, however it may not always be obviously noticeable. Content marketing automations expand the value and effect of your content, improve the rate of lead-to-sale conversion and drives repeated purchase.

Content marketing automation enables businesses with sound decision making and optimum usage of the limited resources available. With help of automation, marketers are able to maximize their level of customization, hence improving upon their customer experience.

Bottom line, Content marketing can’t alone thrive in this cutting-edge competition. Incorporating these tools will make your marketing process agiler than ever.

Eat, Sleep, Market, Repeat!

Which tools are you using for marketing automation enhancing you content marketing strategy? Let us know in the comment section.