Whether it’s photos, typography, motion graphics, or other forms of media and designs, graphic design has been around for ages. They make websites and layouts look sleeker and more attractive, bound with so many benefits for company success online. But of course, one can only be successful with graphic design if it’s the attractive and quality ones we see today.

With that being said, following today’s design trends that make people impressed can increase both the design and website’s value and feel. So if you want to learn about the five graphic design trends to look out for in 2019, then read on!

Why Is Graphic Design Important?

So, why exactly is a graphic design very important and advantageous for your business? May it be online or in print, an advertisement or website design, here are the following reasons why you should focus on graphic design, too!

  • Increase Viewer Interaction

It’s been proven that visuality on websites, newsletters, social media, or print is crucial in increasing your follower count and customer interest. Beautiful imagery and content would entice people more so than the typical or even non-existent, low-quality imaging, especially for B2B buyers who need visuals.

  • Communicate Through Graphics

Images or videos are the best way to grasp attention now, compared to long content. With better graphic design on your media, it captures your viewers’ attention, communicating your announcements or events better, even making it shareable!

  • Attract and Interest Customers

Fresh graphic design made for YOU helps you maintain that unique brand or identity, which would attract attention. It also differentiates what you have to offer and will interest customers based on how your products or services look. After all, physical aesthetics is one of the first things people look into, and you want them to grab the products or service you provide!

  • Strengthen Your Brand

A company’s logo, typeface, even its color scheme can say a lot about who they are and their brand. Graphic design can create the identifiable brand or face of your company, which promotes and give your company a unique twist compared to competitors. It gives people an impression of what your company is all about!

5 Graphic Design Trends to Look Out For In 2019

You can reap the benefits of graphic design if you create a beautiful output for your argot audience to love TODAY. So what are some of the ever-growing trends that people want to look at this year? Here are the five things to check out:

  • Minimalist Designs

Gone are the days where you had to place huge typography and graphics that would get reader attention. Getting messages across in simple and concise manners are now becoming a good trend. It’s best to go straight to the point, especially with attention spans decreasing!

Get your point across and make that impact with the minimalist and straightforward aesthetics quickly, to get them to stay!

  • Bold and Bright Colors

We all want to see color, as it brightens up the world and gives us more emotions. That’s why splashes of colors make designs look more enticing to viewers. So, of course, I had to add the bright and bold colors as one of the constant trends that only continue to rise up.

But rather than using simple colors and hues like red or violet, go for turquoise, ultraviolet purple, harvest orange, even hot pink! These intense hues will definitely grab viewer attention and offer the bold statement your company wants to portray.

  • Gradient Designs and Retro Aesthetics

This trend actually began in 2018, but it still looks like it’s making a comeback this year. The blend of two shades or colors in one area looks pretty, especially when matched perfectly together, or even with the clash of colors! It was a trend back in the 90s making a comeback and with bold and bright colors being another cool trend, you can see people responding to this design better.

Furthermore, the retro design is making a comeback as well! The simple and stylized layouts from the 70s or even the colorful and gradient details from the 80s to 90s are becoming such a hit, especially to today’s millennials.

  • Asymmetry in Layouts

While symmetry does look great and looks organized, it isn’t always the best thing to do in terms of graphic design. It’s time to think outside the box, and choose different angles! Asymmetry is now in, making your brand look even more unique, grabbing people’s attention (especially their eyes).

Yes, this is unbalanced, but it’s probably the unbalanced approach which keeps your attention consistent and, well, balanced! So go for something more than the usual and give your new graphic designs a new angle, literally!

  • Hand-Drawn Illustrations

We see old trends such as gradient designs and stylized format from the 70s come out again. Another “old,” classic trend to watch out for this 2019 are hand-drawn illustrations! It’s time to go back to the drawing board and produce the fresh, unique drawings, fused with the digitally created layouts.

That way, people feel more of the human touch to what they see, which brings warmth and a sense of closeness that entices them to see what your company is all about. Rather than go all slick and polished, let the imperfections make your graphic designs rock.

Wrapping It Up

Graphic design is just as important as other aspects to website creation and optimization, such as SEO, content, and the backend navigation of your platform. With the proper graphic design services, your website and content will look as amazing as you need it to be, enticing your viewers to look into what you have to offer. Of course, the following design trends can help keep you relevant and on track!

Hopefully, this article on the five graphic design trends to look out for in 2019 gave you more ideas! So don’t wait any longer and check out any of these trends now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on graphic design, do comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.