Ever since watching The Devil Wears Prada I’ve taken a bit more of an interest in the fashion world. I’ve realised it’s not just a fluffy industry, but one which is actually one of the most powerful in world. It has influence over so many areas of our lives, not just through what clothes we wear. It’s a reflection of social, economic and cultural changes.

I then came across a show on Netflix which followed 94 year old fashion icon Iris Apfel. I didn’t know who she was but she looked interesting so I started watching. I found myself captivated by her. Her joie de vivre and lack of care of what others thought and think of her was so refreshing. If she liked the look of something, she bought it. It didn’t have to be a label, in fact, all the better when it wasn’t.

Iris is passionate about people expressing themselves fully and not following a trend if it’s really not ‘them’. In her own words she has ‘no rules, they’re just a waste of time.’

In every interview I have seen with her she always tells of one of the most influential things ever said to her. It was that “You’re not pretty, and you’ll never be, but it doesn’t matter…you have style.” I love that Citroen have taken this as their new campaign. It may not be the most luxurious car label, but why would you want it to be if it still looks great and you have style driving it!