Contrary to popular opinion, email marketing isn’t over! It’s somewhat becoming a favorite medium for online marketing. Records suggest that by the current or the following year, email accounts will grow over 4.3 billion and even more. Believe it or not, we stay in a time where most people use and prefer email. As a communication mode, it’s fast, efficient and convenient.

According to a study by McKinsey & Company, emails were 40 times more effective in bagging new clients, as compared to both Twitter and Facebook. So if yours is a start-up company, organising well-designed email content is essential to attain success. Amidst all these existing competition, stunning email design is one that steals the readers’ attention without being over the top.

Do you want to engage your existing and probable customers with your email campaigns? Want to know the steps to get better at email marketing design? If yes, then the strategies listed below will help you the most:

Make use of email design grids to direct clients and subscribers

Choose to use selected grids in emails! It will help you direct client’s customers via every email, enabling them to engage with your content. For instance, opt for an Inverted Pyramid design. It is a great way to focus clients and subscribers on what’s crucial.

The design must comprise of a compelling headline that offers the primary message of the marketing campaign. Add the required imagery and materials for encouraging subscribers to click through as well as engage with the email. This Inverted Pyramid tactics should also direct the lead readers to a strategic CTA option. In fact, you have the chance to resort to many inverted pyramid designs in one email. It applies to emails including various compelling topics.

It further helps in simplifying every information set that makes your email easy-to-read. If you require professional help, then you can reach out to names like Kotton Grammer Los Angeles SEO and others and get expert guidance.  

Add in colours, graphics, and imagery that will catch the reader’s attention

When you fill your customer’s inbox with graphics, imagery, and colours, it works better to get their attention faster. It automatically leads to increased conversion rates. It’s essential to ensure that every font, colour, and the image contained in the emails should match the consumers’ brand. Making use of vibrant colours increases the attention of your customers.

When you are in sync with your brand voice and message, it maximises email customisation. It naturally develops better trust that results in increased engagement and growth in click-through.

The color blocking also builds the subscriber’s focus on the vital message with each email. You can use white space in product-based emails to capture the readers’ attention to the product featured. Email marketers suggest that using grayscale colours and various size types allow readers to understand what is essential and what isn’t.  

Brand images, font sizing, and colours will assist to maximise conversion rates. Images are a proven way to enhance reader’s engagement. Visuals that your clients get to see in their emails should align with their brand message. It is where you need to be conceptual and have a smart image selection instinct.

Break-down the email content

Make sure that your email is easy to read. It should be visually pleasing without many distractions. If your email has various layers of data, you ought to break it down into multiple sections so that your readers can scan through effectively. Are you wondering how to get it done? Just create horizontal borders, communicative maps, geometric shapes and other patterns that reflect a simple-to-read layout if you have a targeted marketing method. You can categorize various data within every email that your clients might find significant. Also, resort to a marketing automation tool that offers email design features. It will enable you to drop and drag various data and simplify your email content into easily understandable chunks.  

Are you wondering why breaking up the email content is crucial? It is essential in terms of, email scanners since there are subscribers who will click on your email to understand the essence of it. They will be able to accept the content better and take the necessary CTA promptly.

It’s a smart call to opt-in for a responsive email design

Based on the recent researches, about 63% of emails are accessed on mobile devices. It indicates that you need to opt-in for effective, responsive design for mobile users. It will impact your conversion rate as well.

Each email needs to be clutter free, lucid and simple to understand and read on Smartphones and desktops alike. You can also design the code on your own aside from using automation tools that comes equipped with templates. Balance the text and image size to make the whole email content fit the mobile screen so that readers have no hassles in reading your email. 

Opt-in for excellent CTA options

What is the essential key to customer conversion? It’s opting in for a smart CTA option. This helps to urge and motivate the subscribers to take a step forward after reading your email content. The idea is to start an engagement beyond the email. A smart call to action can range anything from “Read more here,” “Download your free eBook,” “Shop now” and others and link the subscribers to the concerned e-commerce site. A CTA is an ideal way to evaluate and also maximise your lead conversions.

CTAs are essential in email marketing. Most people add it at the end of the email to make sure online readers aren’t distracted. An email with your marketing message tends to be robust. It will contain multiple points and links to added data. You surely don’t wish that your reader moves away from the email, without taking the desired action.

Hence, to offer clarity to readers, address a primary point in the email. Also, ensure that your CTA is entirely in sync with the primary point. Everyone’s inbox is flooded with numerous emails. People spend just a few minutes on each email. Therefore, a CTA, that’s well-worded, is likely to catch maximum eyeballs.

Strong CTAs are usually succinct. Furthermore, CTAs necessarily doesn’t have to be at the end of the email. Go ahead and experiment with the CTA placement. Check what gets you maximum attention. If you want, you can place the CTA inside the email body, above the fold or even on the sidebar. Experiment and find your best spot.

You can use creative and new age email design to maximise conversion rates. The logic is simple! The moment your online customers and subscribers, see and like what they read, they usually want to know more. Hence, using the correct grids, vibrant images, and smart CTA is essential. If you’re going to get better at email marketing, using these easy guidelines will help make a difference.