For internet users that are looking for specific information on a product, service, or even a medical problem at one time was losing faith in the search engines.

At one time, most search engines used keywords to rank websites, therefore, many webmasters and SEO professionals were using keywords and keywords phrases in order to rank high in the search engines.

The problem for the internet user was that many times, the results were completely lacking in knowledge. Oftentimes, you would click on a link and only find a page that was full of the phrase you searched for, but no real information.

Thus, search engines, especially Google have been updating the way they provide results to the end users. With these updates, especially Google’s Mockingbird, you may be wondering if keywords are as important as they once were for ranking in search engines.

For anyone building a website today, they must understand how search engines rank websites using their different algorithm codes.

Google’s Hummingbird is, of course, one of the most prominent as it is the most used search engines by consumers. Search engine optimisation is certainly not dead by any means, but instead of building a one-page website using keyword stuffing, one must now show that their website provides original useful information on the topic.

This only means exactly the same as Google has stated in the past. The best way to rank in search engines is to provide internet users with knowledgeable, high-quality content that answers their questions.

Even though Google uses different algorithms to rank websites understanding how Hummingbird and PageRank works will help you ensure that you are in fact using SEO techniques that will be noticed.

Understanding Hummingbird

Hummingbird has been used since 2010 that does include some of the other algorithm codes of Penguin and Panda but to a greater extinct. Today, most internet users type conversational data in the search box that is known as natural language. Instead of just searching for a specific keyword or providing results with the user’s keywords, Hummingbird actually uses every word and how the sentence was written to learn what the user is needing to find, instead of just matching the words.

This will ensure that users will find in the results more knowledgeable answers whether they are looking for a specific product online, a store in their area, or a service. In all actuality, Hummingbird can understand the relationship and concept of the keywords typed in the search box, thus pages with relevant and consistent information on a page will end up in the search results instead of the home page or other pages of a website.

What Does This Mean For SEO?

Yes, search engine optimisation has changed but not as tremendous as one might believe as content is still very important. The best way to ensure that you are using your SEO techniques in the correct way to rank in Google and other search engines is to ensure that your website offers natural content that reads more like a conversation.

Yes, keywords do have a place in high-quality content however, theme related content will now show up faster than keyword content especially in Google results.


Instead of worrying about the keywords on your pages, use more topic’s that may include a keyword or keyword phrase and ensure the content is accurate, knowledgeable, original, and worthwhile to the end reader.