Video can be a very powerful marketing tool for business if used correctly, and YouTube gives a small business the perfect way to share good information with a simple two or three minute video that can be recorded on something as simple as a camera phone, and uploaded directly to the site.

OK, but what do I record?

Obviously some thought should be put into your video, including back-end keywords, good script planning, proper lighting conditions, and a few practice sessions to smooth out any kinks.

Being owned by the almighty Google, YouTube will never be a social media site to sit on it’s laurels. Its mass market audience and free-to-use model lends itself perfectly to a small business or entrepreneur with a limited marketing budget. People watch videos on here because they love to be entertained, so if you can create and present your information in an engaging and entertaining manner, then you will be onto a winner!

So, how do I use YouTube for my business without coming across as too boring?

Firstly you have to remember that this is a social media site made up of real people who want to seek out and interact with other real people. The face of your company will be the person you use to present your videos, so to help build a relationship with your viewers, try to stick with the same person or couple of people whenever possible, and choose those who comes over best on video and can talk in a relaxed and entertaining style.

Getting the right look

Spend some time customizing your channel. You should use your company branding, colours and logo throughout, and add only relevant links and information to give your page a nice clean, professional look that is easy on the eye. Try not to overload your page too much, after all you want your video’s to do your talking for you, and people who visit will be there to watch videos rather than read through blocks of texts.

Keep it relaxed and friendly

Remember that YouTube is a social platform, so be sociable. Reach out and connect with other users and make friends. There is no benefit in becoming an isolated island. Uploading a handful of videos only to abandon your site will not win you any friends or potential new customers. Ensure you watch other people’s content and favourite the video’s that you like. Interaction is the key with any social media site, and YouTube is not exception.

Can you be found?

Make good use of the search facilities available on site. Just like many other platforms, YouTube’s content is sorted and searchable by specific keywords and tags. When people search Google for specific keywords, results will come up from YouTube too, and will list your keyword linked video in their results that could lead potential new customers back to you. This is why should spend some time to make sure your videos are fully optimised. Make sure you use the description box below your video fully. Always include a link back to your website, and use this opportunity to tell your viewers about yourself, your company, how the video was made etc. Encourage viewers to like your video and sign up for notifications.

Make sure that people can easily find you, if they really like your videos they will be keen to find out more. Bear in mind that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google, so you can see how important it is for you to make sure your videos are SEO friendly, contain quality information that people will love to watch and want to share with others, and carry links back to your website and/or blog.

I am real – really I am!

Never underestimate the power of putting a friendly human face to your business. Video is a great way for you to be seen, and the search engine is a great way for your video to be found. Make the most of this fantastic opportunity for your small business.