Are your email campaigns falling flat? What if we told you that a simple hack could improve your CTR by up to 158%? And not with some fancy software that you’ll pay the earth for, but for absolutely no cost at all?

We thought that would get your attention. Just by the way, the hack that we’re talking about is adding social sharing buttons to your email. Researchers stumbled onto this gem when they were compiling the EveryCloud infographic that you’ll see below.

EveryCloud is a company that focuses on security awareness training, and they decided to conduct the research to improve their own email marketing campaigns. When they applied the information that they learned, they saw an instant improvement in their CTR and so felt that the information should be shared.

You’ll learn:

  • The difference between how men and women deal with emails

  • How consumers deal with marketing emails

  • What effect email marketing has on revenue

  • How you can improve your CTR

  • The mistakes marketers make in their emails

  • And a lot more besides

We could go on all day about how fascinating the infographic actually is, but we don’t need to. You’ll see that for yourself when you read through it. Are you ready to see some serious improvements in the response to your email marketing campaigns? Then get started on the infographic now.