You can see the differences between the way the British do things compared to the Americans in most aspects of life. We’re now in Autumn and they’re in Fall; we see Halloween as an annoyance, they see it as a holiday. We call Christmas…Christmas, they call it the holidays!

Over the last year I’ve got into NFL and you can see the differences throughout this too compared to football/soccer. When we score, we celebrate but then run the ball back to the centre as if we could get another goal in a matter of seconds; but the Americans stop. They take time to celebrate their touchdown, they perform to their fans through dancing/gymnastics and really show off what a great achievement this is.

I’m not saying the British don’t have passion, they certainly do, but I am saying that I think Americans show it off just that bit more. Therefore their stereotypical perception of us being a bit more reserved may be correct.

This can even be said in adverts. This Nike advert is filled with emotion, its simple black and white images, simple music and monologue over the top draws you in and makes you listen to the words; it tugs on your emotions.

I just wonder if a British version would be quite so strong and raw?