Business marketing is one of the biggest expenditures that a business has, therefore they need to know what they are doing is both current and effective at the same time. In today’s digital world, video marketing is on the rise, and if you are not using it, then you may be missing out on one of the biggest marketing trends to hit the scene in 2017.

People are steadily spending more and more time online, and this is helped by some relatively new video streaming sites like Hulu and Netflix, meaning that more people are watching video content online than they ever have before. On average, people are spending around 2 hours every single day watching online content, with its growth in usage beating the likes of social media and digital radio. For marketers, this has opened up a whole new window of opportunity, and website builder uk help to show this growth in their 127 facts that you probably didn’t know about video marketing.

Not only can you provide a lot of information in a short period of time, but also this type of marketing is relatively inexpensive. Videos are also easy to integrate into other sites, especially with some of the bigger social media channels. These social media channels have provided marketers with a fantastic way to reach targeted customers, plus with the ability for content to be shared, there is the advantage of reaching an even larger audience. Videos in social media increases sharing by ten times, so it is no wonder that companies and marketers alike are taking this on board and are starting to produce more video content.

As a pure video content site, YouTube is the biggest channel for video marketing, with 72% of markers using YouTube for their video marketing needs. Every single month the site has 182.2 million viewers per month and is the highest video provider. The rise of YouTube is one of the many pushes that have helped with the rise of video content, as currently the only site that has more hits than YouTube is Google itself. Both brands and individuals have been able to benefit from this growth, and marketers are starting to take notice. The main reason that marketers love video is that the consumer loves video, and it is a method that is now getting results.