I’m writing this on my Sony Vaio laptop, using my Chrome browser and afterwards I’m going to do some work in Word…because I love my Windows PC.  It has to be said that I stand on that side of the divide. I’ve had an iPod and been on a Mac etc but as a creature of habit I go back to my beloved.

However, the current Apple Notebook ads have made me think about the constant evolution that Apple, and other World dominating brands must have to go through to keep people interested and buying their products.

It has to be said that the adverts with Justin Long in are really funny. They very cleverly show the positives of owning an Apple device against the very obvious negatives which can sometimes come with owning a PC.  They keep Apple being the young, hip and cool brand; see some of the best ads below.

PCs and traditional Windows products don’t bend though….just saying!