We’re all used to the adverts which make us feel awkward, make us sad, thoughtful and perhaps hit close to home. Usually these adverts are for personal causes or charities, be it for illness, child protection or animals and let’s be honest, whilst they can be hard hitting they’ve actually become pretty grey compared to other adverts out there.

What I mean is, no advert of this sort really sticks out in my mind, and I think it’s because they mostly follow the same structure, making them all different shades of grey.

That is until now when I recently came across this advert raising awareness for prostate cancer. This is something which is becoming less of a taboo to talk about in our society so using an advert such as this to help raise the profile of it even more is a bonus.

Every child has had this type of chat with a parent…The, “I want the ground to swallow me up, this is so embarrassing” chat, and every parent has had this type of chat with their child “This is embarrassing for me too, but it needs to be said”.

Prostate UK have taken this type of chat and turned it on its head, making this advert stand out from the rest.