For B2B businesses like ours, LinkedIn is vital for establishing us as a leader in digital marketing and if you run a similar business then i’m sure you’re familiar with LinkedIn but there’s always the question in business owners minds about how to use LinkedIn effectively.

One of the areas that people aren’t sure about is what to do with the list of people that view your profile. LinkedIn helpfully shows you who has recently looked at your profile but more often than not – most LinkedIn users pay it some attention occasionally and might connect with the odd one or two people but there’s often no strategy to it.

Well, in this post I’m going to give you a strategy that you can use to make the best of those viewers and start marketing to them.

We’ve been testing out a new service called LeadFuze – essentially an email system that allows you to build and market to lists of people that combines beautifully with LinkedIn.

In the video below I run through how we’re using LeadFuze and LinkedIn to capture email records and automatically send out a sequence of emails promoting our services.

Take a look at the video and test out LeadFuze for yourself.