Last week I presented a 10 minute presentation to my colleagues at BNI Quinnell. During the question time at the end, one colleague asked for my top tips on using LinkedIn so I’ve decided to post regular tips on using LinkedIn and here’s my first and it’s something I’ve discovered only very recently.

If you’re anything like me you probably don’t have the time to stay on top of all your social media profiles on a hour by hour basis. If this is the case, finding tools to help stay abreast of the most important developments in your community can be helpful.

There are lots of these tools around but most have the same thing in common. They combine everything your connections post on their timelines into a single feed of noise. Useful if you want to hear what they’re saying themselves, but what about the content that others are posting about your connections?

Getting good PR is a bonus for your connection’s business but it’s also a bonus for you as it’s an ideal opportunity for you to drop them a line and congratulate them on getting good PR.

With potentially thousands of first and second level connections and all the possible sources of news how can you possibly monitor it all?

The answer is

Once you connect to your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts it immediately scans the web for any reference of your connection and presents them in timeline for you to scan through.

You can also upload your email connections to have a full review of all your connections. Now how powerful is that?

If you spot a good news story concerning one of your connections, you can drop them a congratulatory note or mention it next time you see them. How many brownie points will that score you?

So, that’s my top LinkedIn tip for this week. Hope you find it useful.