No, the freezing temperatures and torrential rains have not confused me into thinking Christmas is on the way, I mean it’s the time of year when Robinson’s squash seriously up their advertising game.

This year we have this sort of disturbing offering from them:

Now I’m not sure what everyone else thinks of this attempt at family sweetness but in me it inspires more of an “urgh” than an “awww”. The special effects of the kid growing up in the course of 1.01 minutes are highly disconcerting, put a black and white tinge on the whole thing and you’ve got yourself and advert for a Tim Burton film. It’s all very disconcerting.

Bring on the Wimbledon related adverts – let’s see how many times they can get Andy Murray to smile in 1.01 minutes – actually scrap that, it might be equally as disconcerting, like that scene from the second Addams Family film when Wednesday smiles for the first time.

For me, no new Robinson’s advert will ever be able to beat this:

I just really love to boogie. So put some T-Rex on, grab a glass of orange squash and have a dance around – just watch out for those fast growing limbs!