Some marketing campaigns pose more challenges than others and that can often be the case for companies offering payday loans looking to create meaningful media coverage. But that hasn’t stopped the likes of CashLady, who over the past 12 months have put together a powerful selection of engaging and creative marketing content. We take a closer look at what’s driven their success below.

A PR success story 

The payday loan sector is highly competitive, with new companies emerging all the time. In order to stand out online the marketing needs to offer more than just details about the features and benefits of the service. It’s something that CashLady have long recognised which can be seen in their ability to combine digital marketing techniques with fun and engaging landing page material. 

Some of the new content created this year has included pages dedicated to topics like ‘Every Country’s Favourite Superhero Movie’ and the ‘Richest Sporting League’. While neither of these two pages are directly tied into their services, the content attracted a wide audience interested in the subjects who then go on to check out Cash Lady’s home page.

Superhero films have become a cultural phenomenon and that naturally translated into a lot of clicks. By gathering together engaging data CashLady reaped the benefits, with the net result being they enjoyed a big spike in home page traffic which likely led to more enquires and conversion opportunities. 

What’s the takeaway from these campaigns?

The success enjoyed by CashLady is the result of a targeted strategy to broaden the company image beyond the borders of their payday offering. As we can see, the results have directly benefited website traffic and offers a blueprint for other companies to follow. 

When successfully implemented, a digital PR will typically incorporate a range of different tactics, such as:

  • Publishing press releases and distributing notable content to prominent contacts to feature in the press
  • Offline events that can be used to create interest online 
  • Driving social media engagement with promotions and contests, encouraging likes, shares and recommendations 
  • Creation of video content that can easily be shared online across multiple platforms 
  • Engaging with prominent social media influencers to garner mentions, shares and promotion
  • Use of affiliate programmes that pay bloggers who send customers your way
  • Creation and distribution of key infographics to demonstrate benefits of services or products 

Plan your digital PR strategy 

Traditional PR methods – such as advert placements in print, TV and radio – still have value, but digital strategies using similar tactics to the above will enjoy a strong online reach.

Press coverage is the ultimate goal, as achieved by CashLady with the likes of Yahoo, Metro and The Express, and if this can be done naturally without paying to feature it demonstrates the strength of your brand. 

Not only will media coverage give you greater exposure to a wider audience, but potential customers will already believe you are a brand to be trusted. With the right planning and research there is no reason why your business can’t enjoy similar success for 2021.