Logos are at the forefront of your company – there’s no discussion about that. But the sheer importance of your logo is often underestimated.

A proper logo can truly either make or break a company, and is a graphical representation of its products, values, and business standing. Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Samsung, Apple – these names automatically bring up the logos of said firms. 

Creative Logo Design | How It Works

The first thing you think of when you imagine an apple is the iPhone. When you think of a quick burger, you’re thinking of the BigMac. This thought process explains the power of logos, which relies on the association aspect.

Logos, brands, and products rely on association more than you might think. Companies work hard to associate their products with specific thoughts, images, or situations. The best way to associate two things is through graphical representation.

Logos rely on five principles that determine their overall success. 

Simplicity. A simple logo is a good logo. A logo shouldn’t take too much attention to notice, or take the spotlight from the product. It should represent it, not take from it. 

Memorability. A good logo should be memorable. When I mention a black soda drink, a slick smartphone, and a search engine, you know what brands I’m talking about. Memorability is vital in the preservation of product integrity. 

Timelessness. A good logo should hold the test of time. While logos are suitable for adaptation and evolution, changing them too much can change the general perception of your product or service. 

Versatility. Versatility is yet another fundamental principle when it comes to logo design and implementation. A good logo should hold its own anywhere. It should have the availability to be implemented on any possible branch, spin-off, or sub-product. 

Appropriation. Appropriation is a thing that is often overlooked, yet is essential in importance. A logo should be a clear, appropriate representation of its service or product. You wouldn’t advertise your funeral services with comic sans, would you?

Logos rely on these five fundamental principles to represent their message through proper graphics. But where does creativity come into play?

Creative Logo Design | Why It Matters

Creativity is essential when dealing with every single branch of business. It makes you outshine your competition, giving your business an edge. This edge can be used not only to make you stand out but to increase sales as well.

Creativity sells, and this is its main appeal. Including a creative logo into your business arsenal is a sure way to accomplish the following.

Increased ROI. Having a beautiful logo is going to create quite a lot of attention to your business dealings, which will ultimately result in improved sales figures. Creating a conversation about your brand through a creative logo is a sure-fire way to grow your business standing overall.

It has improved Customer Response. Creative logo design might not be the simplest thing in the world, but when done right, it can influence quite a lot. A good logo is going to create a solid reputation and proper response from your customer base.

It is spreading Influence. A good logo is also a conversation piece. A promotional piece in itself that comes with an abundance of other benefits.

You are establishing Brand Image. Branding will develop your product or brand in a manner that increases sales and ROI. Creative logos rest at the forefront of branding. 

Fresh logo design doesn’t only consist of your company logo. Branding is essential, and graphic design lies at its core. Logos, sub-logos, graphics, and decals are all critical aspects of proper branding. If connected, they form a larger narrative and offer a solid image of your overall brand.

A proper arsenal of graphics and logos that correlate to one another is what branding is all about. A good set of graphics tools and materials is going to represent the utmost value of your brand.

Creative Logo Design | In the Minds of Consumers

Logos have a powerful message to convey, and that is why there is a science behind them. Studies show that numerous different aspects come into play when you’re designing a featured logo.

Shape, color, and message all have a significant impact on how people will interpret your logo. Whatever you’re selling or doing, you could be doing better with a proper logo.

Psychology comes into play when you’re thinking about Logos, and the process is far more complicated than merely having a good idea.

You need to know how to implement that idea within the proper guidelines best. We’ve mentioned the five golden rules before in this article, but they’re not the only things that matter.

Everything matters when it comes to logos. That’s why Logo Design is a profession in itself. It has been for quite a while now. Customers have been embracing logos and associating them with things forever, and to do that; they need a proper graphic. 

Colors matter more than you might think — Blue for Facebook, Red for YouTube, Purple for Instagram. The examples are innumerable. This example paints a picture of the psychology that drives the creation of logos.

How to Create a Creative and Compelling Logo

We’ve established the complexity which hides behind logo creation, and now it’s time to get into the process itself. While the complex nature of logos might make the process a complicated one, it’s far from it.

Unless you’re a design professional, you really shouldn’t be creating logos. To ensure that your logo is up to industry standard and that it’s fulfilling all the desired requirements, you need to hire a pro.

While, in theory, you can do the whole process all on your own, it’s far better to get a professional to do it. You can read up for hours on logos, on design, on the psychology – but why would you?

You could be spending your valuable time doing much more important things and leave the design to design professionals. Designers aren’t that expensive to hire, utterly opposite to the stereotype. While art is costly, you shouldn’t look at it as an expense – you should look at it as an investment.

Investing in your company is something that you do daily, why cheap out now? Logo Design Services are readily available through the magic of outsourcing.

Logo Design Services are available through numerous different freelance websites. If you’re looking for a more local option, you most likely have a graphic designer in your general area. 

If you’ve decided on outsourcing, you’re very financially aware. Outsourcing your graphic design needs to Logo Design Service Companies is going to guarantee an excellent product at a fraction of the price.