Crypto futures is a financial tool that implies concluding a contract for selling or purchasing digital assets on a specific day and at a fixed price, which requires quality price forecasting. In fact, it is “betting” on an asset’s value in the future that comes together with in-depth market analysis and research. There are two options for market development – it either boosts or drops. Predicting the range of those market fluctuations requires expanded knowledge, experience, and skills to read crypto charts and analyze external events impacting the market. Based on the research, a trader picks one of these positions:

  • Long (expecting the price of the currency to rise).
  • Short (expecting the value to go down).

The person taking a long position aims to sell coins at a fixed value, while the person taking a short position is obliged to buy crypto at the same fixed value. If a trader’s expectations come true, one takes a profit. So this is a trading method that allows for generating income even when the market is moving down.

Now that we have answered the question, what is futures trading crypto, let’s switch to the best platforms supporting this feature.

Best Crypto Futures Trading Services

The most widely used cryptocurrency platforms that allow trading cryptocurrencies are listed below with their maximum leverage:

  • ByBit (100x)
  • FTX (20x)
  • Binance (25x)
  • WhiteBIT (20x)
  • eToro (10x).

WhiteBIT Crypto Futures Offer

  • WhiteBIT proposes lower futures trading fees than spot market trading. Besides, users take advantage of reduced commissions for futures during the first month.
  • The crypto futures platform offers the opportunity to practice different leverage sizes using demo tokens.
  • WhiteBIT is working on adding more trading pairs (ETH/USDT, ADA/USDT, SOL/USDT) shortly.
  • The platform possesses significant liquidity enabling futures contracts with large amounts.

To learn more about the WhiteBIT crypto futures platform, visit its official website and social networks. To understand futures trading better, check out the WhiteBIT blog. You will find many helpful step-by-step guides on different trading tools, articles with reviews on the most promising crypto projects, and much more.