We know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making machines human-like intelligent. Thus, computing devices become capable of taking decision based on the data they have collected, processed, and analyzed. Now, AI has made a machine intelligent enough to understand natural languages, patterns, and even images.

Thus, the demand for AI software, hardware, and networking solutions steeply raised in the technology market and may cross a mark of $60 billion in a few years. It means penetration of AI and associated technologies like machine learning, deep learning, and language processing find in every sphere of our life and also in various industries.

The education industry, including traditional academic education, modern eLearning for students, and eLearning for industrial training, are witnessing tremendous growth thanks to the digital transformation happening through the web and mobile applications.

Today, I want to discuss the impacts of AI in digital transformation in the education niche by-and-large. 


How We Witness Digital Transformation in Education Industry & Growth of the eLearning Industry


It is extremely vital to understand how digital transformation has taken place in the education industry. So, let me narrate some points regarding it in the first place.

  • Here, digitalization means from paper-based data/content to computer-based data/content.
  • Now, students have eBooks, podcasts, and videos like multimedia channels to learn their course or educational content.
  • Digital educational content is now available on the websites as well as mobile applications. Here, mobility advantages are immense free learners from time and place like restrictions for consuming content.
  • Industrial training, seminars, and sessions are now available in digital formats and reside on cloud-like uninterrupted services.

With these transformational steps, we have witnessed the growth of digital educational content delivery systems via an intranet, Internet, and mobile applications in educational institutions and remote learning institutions. Similarly, enterprises and big organizations have leveraged digital education systems for their industrial training, management training, and technical training.


Need for Advancements in eLearning & Digital Transformation of Education Industry


However, obstacles were a lot on the road, and new issues have arisen due to digital content delivery and distance between givers and receivers despite the presence of the latest communication channels. Carrying effective tests, exams, and evolutions become big challenges for the industry. The most important thing was missing personalized experiences right from content distribution, delivery, consumptions, and evaluation of what learners have learned out of it.

Now, the education industry needs solutions for such emerging issues here & there. Meanwhile, the introduction of AI and associated technologies have started solving problems gradually by providing smart solutions. Let’s check how it could be.


Ways AI Technologies Are Aiding Modern Education & eLearning Industry


We can use the set of AI technologies in the following arena of education industry.

Automated Grading Empowered with AI 

With the help of AI, we can simulate how human teachers access the knowledge of students by checking their answers or responses during various tests. Moreover, based on given criteria, smart machine-examiners are giving grades or marks/percentages to the students. AI also helps in providing smart feedback mechanism and personalized training plans for eLearning programs in various industries.

Learning in Intermediate Intervals with AI-enabled Apps

Repetition of previous lessons or revision of the knowledge you have acquired during a learning process help you to correct mistakes as well as push learning or knowledge from temporary memories to permanent memories. 

Recent app with AI is checking intervals during your learning, and if you have forgotten key elements, it sends you reminders as well as suggestions when you are implementing your learning. It enriches the overall learning experiences and fixes your lessons in the mind as a permanent memory.

Feedback to Teachers or Trainers with AI-powered Apps

Teachers and trainers always seek frequent assessments of the progress of the pupils or trainees/employees. Now, Chatbot is a powerful software if we train it to carry a survey and collect the prescribe info from the respondents. A chatbot can go in highly personal ways by considering the personality and history of the students or respondents.

AI Apps Are Providing Virtual Assistance to the Teachers

Students or trainees often asked smart to weird queries to the teachers. If it is eLearning through the web or mobile application, responding quickly becomes a daunting and challenging thing if it happens round-the-clock.

Here, IBM’s Ms. Watson can help teachers or an education institute to meet such awkward demands from the learner. Such virtual assistants can text or provide voice assistance and respond based on feed or previously acquired data. It improves satisfaction rates among the learners and cut the burdens a lot from the teachers.

Smart Classrooms & Campus Using AI Applications

Smart classroom means great automation. Right from curriculum to biometric presence, and homework. Similarly, smart campus means a student can know the life at the campus. Students can find the next lecture hall or parking lot vacancies even before entering into the campus. Chatbot in apps for campus can solve any query, whether parents initiate it, students, or third person among the public.

Personalization in Learning with AI Software 

We know the pace of learning is differing from individual-to-individual. Keeping these things in mind, AI-powered software assists teachers in the optimization of instructional approaches. Thus, teachers come with tailored solutions according to learning preferences and specific interests of the learners. Hence, personalized learning providing software gradually push complex tasks and accelerate learning in scientific ways.

Intelligent Tutoring or Adaptive Learning with AI System

AI system in the campus or a tutoring class tracks the progress of students in a consisting manner. Based on an analysis of the comprehensive power of the learners, it segregates students in different groups and suggests different courses or mentoring techniques to make their job easy.

Proctored Test with AI-powered System

In distance learning, taking frequent online or in-app tests is a headache for a distance education institute. There is always a threat of cheating or fraud luring on the heads. Now, AI provides a foolproof solution with some protecting measure in a viable manner. 

Cameras on computing devices used in tests can catch the scenes as well as run a biometric authentication system to assure that the authentic user or student is giving exams. Screen capturing software provides real-time images about what is going on the screens, and voice recognition software confirms the authenticity of exam givers.


Final Words:

AI technologies are providing immense benefits to the entire education and learning system for all ages. It eases the job of teachers, administers, industrial trainers, mentors, and other stakeholders of the industry by pushing their boundaries. Therefore, many universities, colleges, schools, education campuses, corporate houses, and enterprises are looking for AI-powered software solutions tailor-made for their bespoke requirements.

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