Whether you have a calendar on your phone or a paper one like me, it shows that the year is January to December. We have a celebration to ring in the New Year so surely that is the only marker we need and calendar we should follow.

But it’s not is it. I still use the new school year to remind me of certain events. It means a few family birthdays are coming up, I need to put a reminder in for a few months to make my Christmas cake, most people will be back at work after summer and therefore I can really push my . Also it reminds me that and are coming soon.

My partner follows the rugby year calendar. He knows that as soon as Christmas is over the 6 Nations is coming soon (we have a weekly countdown) and then once that’s finished it’s x number of weeks until pre season training and then once schools start back (see we all use the school calendar) it’s x number of weeks until the Autumn Internationals.

One place which is a constant reminder about what events are coming up is TV. As I blogged earlier in the year as soon as we see Robinson’s adverts we know it’s nearly time for Wimbledon. We wait for the John Lewis advert to mark the beginning of Christmas and now, as the new school year approaches we have the sporting adverts begin to mark the impending commencement of the new season.

A sports advert should of course contain sport, perhaps highlights from the previous year with the champions lifting the silverware. However, BT have gone for a different approach this year. They started with stand alone adverts of Mourinho in his living room announcing BT were having their share of the fixtures, with a few other similar adverts doing the same. It’s now accumulated in a fantastic advert which actually only has a split second of sport in it. It’s drawing the masses in by using current music and a party to catch viewers attention. It gets the football fans excited as their new year approaches, whilst simultaneously softening the blow, and trying to make the new season look exciting for all the partners of those who have a few months with Saturdays to themselves. The excitement won’t last…