We live in a digital world; however, having access to technology and using it properly is not the same thing. To take full advantage of smartphone/wearable technology and numerous cloud-based platforms for work, you need a system. 

This system can often be based around an efficient field service management software (FSM). These incredible tools allow the management of all your teams, field technicians, and even your fleet. This means that you have a direct insight into what everyone in your employ is doing (or supposed to be doing) at all times. Here are some advantages of this system.

Better Utilization of Personal Devices

These platforms are cloud-based, which means that all field technicians can access them via their own smartphones. All of your employees have smartphones, yet not many of them are using personal devices for work. 

By implementing FSM software into your business model, you will be able to turn this around. Just keep in mind that you need to predict some potential problems, as well. 

Allowing people to use personal devices for work is potentially risky. So, to avoid any issues, make sure that you introduce a bring your own device (BYOD) policy into the workplace, as well.

Scheduling and Dispatching Your Teams

One of the most important responsibilities of FSM is to schedule and dispatch your team at all times. Both scheduling and dispatching are as old as the business world; however, having software that can make and track these key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time is something quite different. 

When used properly, this system can help you keep downtime to a minimum, which means getting the most out of available working hours from your staff. 

The work hours of each of your teams are perhaps the most important finite resource that you have available; keeping track of it will ensure that you understand the capabilities of your business much better.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Your business heavily relies on your ability to establish and maintain a meaningful relationship with your customers. By providing you with more information about your field services, you will always have an answer to offer to your customers. 

In other words, an FSM is a single-biggest asset to your customer service there is. If there’s a delay, you will be able to notify them in a timely manner, which may give you a chance to avoid unnecessary backlash. 

Also, you might be able to offer an explanation or an early warning. As long as they’re not being kept in the dark, you’ll find that the majority of your audience are pretty reasonable people.

Fleet tracking

The concept of fleet tracking is the essential part of keeping your logistical chain efficient. For this, some companies use specialized fleet management systems

Fortunately, fleet tracking can also be handled through the use of FSM software. The benefits of implementing these platforms are quite numerous on their own. You get to choose more effective routes, save fuel, save time, and know the whereabouts of every single vehicle in your fleet at all times. 

This app can also be used in the evaluation process of drivers in your fleet (again with the KPIs). The importance of this is even greater if you put an emphasis on spotting early signs of risky on-road behavior of certain drivers.

Beneficial for your marketing

The easiest way to get accused of false advertising is to make promises that you just can’t keep. However, not all of these promises are deliberately deceptive. Sometimes, they come from a lack of in-depth understanding of your enterprise’s true capabilities. 

When managing everything with a reliable FSM, you will have a much easier job of avoiding this. Also, a lot of businesses brag about results, and it’s incredibly important that, during your first digital marketing campaign, all the results you offer are accurate. How you will frame and word these results is a story for another time.

More effective collaboration

The left hand of your company needs to know what the right hand of your company is doing at all times. While some may assume that this is an easy task in the age of communication, without the right FSM, this can be nearly impossible. Sure, your teams can still communicate via IM services and calls, but you can’t rely on managers and technicians to always share all the relevant information and metrics. With the help of the FSM system, this becomes more automated and, thus, more dependable.

Coordination with inventory-management

Another thing you should focus on is the importance of inventory management. An accurate FSM can provide you with a simpler way of projecting your inventory needs. What kind of materials-use do your teams require per intervention/production cycle.

 Other than this, it’s a lot easier to tell which items are the most used or the best-sellers. Lastly, while you should be able to trust your teams, there’s no point in pretending employee theft is not a real thing. With FSM, it’s easier to recognize and identify this kind of behavior before it escalates.

Work order management automation

Proper work order management ensures that all your teams follow an ideal business model. This helps minimize the confusion in your workforce management. It also eliminates the need for paper-based orders, which are not particularly effective (nor eco-friendly). 

This starts with creating schedules and proceeds with notifying teams, updating their work orders, and marking them completed. In the end, it harvests necessary data and keeps it all in one place. Combined, it creates an end-to-end system of information, notification, and efficiency.

Wrap Up

An efficient field service management software benefits everyone. For the employer, it provides the optimal organization and use of all corporate resources. It also makes the job easier for all the employees, seeing how they receive clear and timely orders. 

The system also ensures that they always have the tools and resources they need for work. Finally, it provides customers with more insight, which is a massive boost to your branding efforts. All in all, the right FSM can make a substantial positive difference in your business model.