Choosing a convenient platform for buying and trading digital assets is one of the first questions faced by those who want to become part of the crypto community. The choice is tricky, as the market is filled with platforms whose quality leaves much to be desired. 

To protect yourself from such risks, you must use platforms that have already earned trust, such as WhiteBIT, the largest European crypto exchange from Ukraine. So what makes it different from the others?

Unlimited trading opportunities 

WhiteBIT aims to provide products and services to all users, regardless of their experience and capabilities. The exchange features 450+ trading pairs and several trade modes to choose from:

Spot trading lets you buy and sell cryptocurrencies only with your funds. This type of trading is the safest, as traders are protected from the risk of losing more than they have on the balance. This trading type also has disadvantages, such as your profit being limited to your funds. 

Margin trading is when traders use leverage, increasing their buying capabilities and the amount of profit by borrowing funds from an exchange. This option is suitable for more experienced traders, as it is accompanied by the risk of losses that may exceed a trader’s capital.

Futures trading allows entering perpetual futures contracts that don’t have an execution time. This means the position can be open for as long as needed. 

The apparent advantages of the trading platform include one of the lowest fees on the market. The standard fee is 0.1% (or lower), and the daily fee for using margin funds is 0.098%.

Demo Token

Due to the instability of the cryptocurrency market, and the volatility of digital assets, it’s not enough to know the theory. Practice will teach you to identify market changes, react to them calmly, and not make risky decisions.

Demo Token allows beginners to try their hand at trading without risking their wallet while getting acquainted with all the available tools on the best exchange for cryptocurrency WhiteBIT. A Demo Token is a virtual asset in the form of demo versions of bitcoin (DBTC) and tether (DUSDT).

Demo trading is like a real trading simulator. All transactions are made in real-time, but assets are used without monetary value. These assets are stored on balance, from where they cannot be deposited or withdrawn.

Registered users of WhiteBIT have 0.5 DBTC and 1000 DUSDT at their disposal.

To get Demo Tokens, you need to:

  1. go to the WhiteBIT codes page and click “Get Demo Token”;
  2. copy the code;
  3. click “Activate code,” paste the copied code, and click “Activate”;
  4. transfer the tokens from the Main to the Trade balance to be able to trade.

Demo trading allows beginners to try their hand at trading and see if they like it. At the same time, Demo Tokens will also be helpful for experienced traders. They can develop and test new strategies, find weaknesses in their old plan, and make the necessary adjustments.

WhiteBIT Codes 

WhiteBIT Code is an alphanumeric code with assets in it. The tool is free and only available on WhiteBIT. 

With WhiteBIT Codes, users can:

  • transfer cryptocurrency and fiat to other users for free;
  • exchange them in partner services;
  • buy and sell cryptocurrency on the Bitcoin Global P2P platform.

The functionality of the WhiteBIT codes section allows you to create or activate a WhiteBIT code in just a few minutes.

How to create a code:

  1. choose the currency and amount you want to have in a code;
  2. set a password and, if necessary, a description (only you’ll see it);
  3. confirm the creation of the code using the password sent to your e-mail and 2FA.

How to activate the code:

  1. enter the code in the corresponding field of the “Activate code” section;
  2. if the code is password protected, enter it and click “Activate code.”

Users can view information about all created or activated codes, download PDFs, generate QR codes for further activation, share codes in messengers, etc. Code management is also available in the WhiteBIT mobile app.

WhiteBIT has already justified the trust of many customers from more than 150 countries worldwide. The exchange follows the trends in the world of cryptocurrency and constantly improves its functionality. At the same time, WhiteBIT is a multi-vector platform and will be perfect for both beginners and experienced traders.