How convenient it is to express what you feel in just 140 characters. No long articles to read, just a few engaging and informal words, and that is all. We all want to reach out to more people on social media, and when you are using Twitter, it is all about getting more Twitter followers on your profile.

Just like you, I am also an active member on Twitter and I frequently end up exploring all blog posts about getting more followers on Twitter. Who doesn’t want to become popular on Twitter? Unfortunately, not all of us get the same level of attention on this striking social media platform.

What can you do to solve such a problem? Don’t lose hope as there are many proven ways through which you can enhance your profile’s visibility and increase your Twitter followers.

One of the smartest ideas is hiring an expert freelancer who can help you out with all the critical Twitter tweaks to push your followers up to the thousands.

Why specifically the freelancers?

Firstly, freelancers are less pricey than full-fledged professional firms. Secondly, you can use their expertise whenever you want. There are no minimums.

With the right freelancer working for you, you can significantly increase the number of Twitter followers on your account. Here are 6 ideas that you can have freelancers execute to skyrocket your Twitter followers:  

Leverage Your Location:

When I started my Twitter account, I didn’t put my location on my profile. But after a freelancer suggested that I start to do it, the scenario changed.

One afternoon, I just mentioned that it’s a glorious day in Los Angeles. I started getting replies and retweets, and suddenly, I saw a huge number of people and businesses following me from the Los Angeles area. You can hire a freelancer to make similar suggestions and help you understand how such small things can set you on the right path.

As an online businessman, freelancers can be a great help to you. They can connect with you wherever you are living and working, and connect you with the nearby local businesses that you should be developing partnerships with. If you show a little love and appreciation for your neighbors and share good content, these freelancers who specialize in increasing Twitter followers can boost engagement even faster. They can reach out to influencers as well who will be happy to share the good content with their own Twitter followers.

Talk About Smaller Brands on Twitter:

If you like a not so popular brand you would definitely like everyone to know about the same. Right? In such case, if you smartly showcase your liking when it’s Twitter in question, it would be beneficial for you. In such a scenario, freelancers can direct you towards the right direction. All that they will let you do is just include the link of that particular brand in your tweets.  

If you do so, the brand will definitely follow you back and they might even retweet the article. So, it is sure that you will certainly gather a remarkable number of more followers. Thus, you will get a better exposure!

Use Buffer to Schedule Relevant Articles:

If you use Buffer, you will not bombard your followers with five articles in the morning and nothing for the rest of the day. Freelancers will have the expert skills to use such high-end technologies like Buffer and thus your tweets will be more strategic. Your followers will like you instead of getting bored of you. Thus, you will definitely see a steady increase in the number of your followers.

So, don’t forget to extend the life of your posts which you have written by posting them multiple times in a day. Also, the experienced freelancers suggest that one should never step back to share their older posts. Additionally, you should be definitely an excellent curator of your contents. Thus, you will tend to be an extraordinary source of some of the most important information available around. What else, more and more users will follow you!

Mention About Individual Authors in Tweets:

If you are a writer or blogger, you must be already knowing that how nice it feels to get recognition from others for your work. So, just recognize other writers while tweeting and see the difference! You can take an effective help of freelancers on this, thanks to their huge number of contacts!

You just have to somehow express in your tweets that how useful you’ve found the work of any renowned author, mention their name, and that’s it! They will certainly end up following you in the future which will boost up your Twitter presence.

Mention Other Users in Your Replies:

If you find that people are saying something on Twitter that interests you, get engaged in the conversation. For example, if someone asks a question and you feel that you have an idea about what would be the answer, just write a reply. The freelancers who are working in this profession since a long time can let writer your views in a smart way. For example, if your answer comprises of the name of any other user, brand or blog, they will further end up following you. So, this is how you will get some new names added in the list of your followers.

Go for Guest Posts:

Again, if you are a blogger, you might think that guest posts could let you attain backlinks, exposure and help you create some great relationship with the people who are working in your genre. But, believe me, it can be more than that! It can get you dozens of new Twitter followers. If you just write a guest post on any website, add your author bio at last, and don’t forget to mention your Twitter id in the same. This will let your Twitter id get an exposure to a ton of other new people who will be reading your blog! The freelancers can help you to choose the right website where you can publish a blog to attain highest number of followers. If they end up liking your article, there is a huge probability that they will start following you.

Closing Thoughts

I can vow for the fact that the aforementioned tips are incredibly effective! I, myself, have tried them and now my Twitter profile is having thousands of followers! So, just make a move soon. And, of course, don’t forget to share the result that you achieved after following these approaches in the comment section below.

EDITED 2/11/19 – You can also check out this comprehensive guide to increase your followers on Twitter.