If you are creating PowerPoint presentations, you will no doubt want to include some PowerPoint add-ins to help improve the quality of your presentations. After all, this kind of presentation software allows the user to add their own graphics, audio files, and even videos. It is no longer good enough to have a mediocre presentation. Whether you are presenting in your office, in a classroom, or even at your local church. You can create a presentation that will grab the attention of your audience so that you are able to communicate the message you have prepared in a way that is memorable, creative, and clear. Even if you do not use PowerPoint often, these three simple tools are easy to use and will make a world of difference.


There is no other tool quite like the animation plug-in. This allows you to insert your own animated images and videos to your PowerPoint slide shows. For example, if you are creating a presentation on how to make your own solar panel, you can easily create a slideshow with slides about solar panel construction, information about how they work, and pictures showing the different stages of making the panel. This add-in will allow you to insert the slides on top of any existing picture or video in the presentation. Animated images or videos will add an interesting and creative layer to any presentation. These add-ins are very easy to use and can be added to any video or slide show in no time at all. Once the animation has been added to the video, you can simply close the slide show.


Another simple example of an add-in that can be easily used is an audio file.

When you are looking at ways to add audio, you will need to first determine where you will be going with your presentation. Will it be in an auditorium or at your office? How big is the room? What kind of tone would you like to have? Are there speakers or other equipment available?

It is important to decide what your goal is with your presentation. If you want to make it sound professional, you will need to find audio files that have clean sound quality. This will ensure that you are making the most of your presentation and ensure that your audience can consume the presentation clearly.

There are many ways that audio can be used in order to improve your presentation. Many people feel uncomfortable speaking into a microphone when they are in front of a crowd. This may seem like a small thing but adding audio such as music or sound bites to a presentation can add another layer of creativity to the presentation and take some of the spotlights off of the presenter.

Adding audio on top of any kind of graphics, charts, or videos that you have created for the slide show is not only a great way to enhance the presentation, but using simple PowerPoint add-ins also makes it one of the easiest tools that you can use.

Text Box

Another great PowerPoint add-in is the text box plug-in. This lets you add your own text boxes to any presentation. For example, if you are creating a PowerPoint on how to build a solar panel, you can include a text box that shows how to install it. This allows the presenter to tell the audience how to connect the wires together and create a panel. You can place a text box just about anywhere on your presentation and can highlight key phrases and bits of information that you want your audience to see. A text box is one of the most versatile, useful tools that can be used in any presentation. These types of add-ins are simple to use and can be used in conjunction with any graphics or video.


These are only three examples of the many ways to improve your PowerPoint presentation. 

If you are looking to improve your PowerPoint presentations, whether you are presenting all the time or just a beginner, using PowerPoint add-ins is a simple yet effective way to take your presentation from basic and bland to engaging and memorable. These add-ins are simple to use and you will ask yourself how anyone can present without them.