Is it online marketing or online reputation building? And what role does offline marketing play in online marketing and reputation?

An empty shop: not always a great sign

“Not a lot” you may think because like hundreds of other businesses, you have fallen into the trap of seeing offline and online marketing as two distinct, separate entities. But, say Colour Graphics, by doing so, you are doing your business a disservice.

And you need to change this viewpoint. And fast!

No matter how hard you work to improve social media engagement, promote online reviews and create customer satisfaction experiences beyond expectations, it can all be undone if you don’t have these five essential offline marketing strategies.

Harmonious online and offline marketing

Stop thinking that one is better than the other. Stop thinking that because everyone is online and that everyone owns a smartphone and/or laptop, and/or tablet and other gadgets the only way to market your business is online.As a result, businesses have created online personas that are all-singing,

As a result, businesses have created online personas that are all-singing, all-dancing and sparkle, sparkle, sparkle! And then your customer meets your business ‘in person’, the opposite is true. Customer service is grouchy and slow and frankly, doesn’t live up to the online hype.

Thus, the experience between online and offline marketing needs to be harmonious, as does your branding. Does your online business persona synchronize with your offline one?

Sell the expectation

As an example, a small boutique bed and breakfast is in a competitive market where people rely on large-chain hotels to provide an expected level of service. When they book with a large chain, they can virtually guarantee how they will be greeted, the standard of cleanliness in the room and so on.

For your boutique B&B, they have no idea what to expect. When they arrive in their room, on the hospitality tray (every guest goes to the hospitality tray first to gauge the quality of tea bags, coffee and biscuits!), have a card that thank your guests for making you one of the leading boutique B&Bs in the area and to cast their vote, go to such-a-such website to register their vote.

BOOM! You have told your guest what level of quality to expect and as the business, you have set the bar where you want it.

You get one chance to make the right impression. Are you leaving it to chance?

Employees and brand

Word of mouth and personality are an important part of offline marketing. Your employees (and you!) need to be onboard with your brand, what it stands for, how things are done, the impression you want creating each and every time someone comes to your business.

How many times have you gone to a business only to find front-of-house staff bored and uninterested or, worse still, have no idea about the products or services they are selling?

It creates entirely the wrong impression. And there is an inherent danger in this: this poor impression lasts for a long time, affecting customer’s buying decisions with you for some time in the future.

If that wasn’t enough, they tell their friends.

Coming back from negativity online is tough but in an offline marketing sense, it has repercussions for months or even years.

Get feedback before transaction closes

Poor feedback happens when a customer is disgruntled at some point in the process and after they have completed their purchase, are asked how you did. And then the negative comments and 1 star rating happens but by this point, you cannot do anything to change it. Not much anyway.

Companies that have less negative feedback tend to ask customers how they did before the transaction closes, so they can rectify any problems before customers get chance to vent their grievances via third party websites.

Improve you marketing messages

Flyers, brochures, posters, tags on products, leaflets on shelving or on doorsteps – we often assume that because they are printed, we have to stick with the same marketing message.

But update and change your offline marketing messages so that when you get a surge of positive reviews, you highlight these to your customers. Which is a nod to the second point about selling expectations to your customers before they buy.

In other words, by following these five offline marketing strategies, you are capitalising on your strengths by telling customers about them.

Do you capitalise on your business strengths?

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