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6 Steps for Smart Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s the 21st century, and every business out there is either already online, or soon will be. Now it’s the “Gold rush” for digital marketing agencies considering how not everyone is a SEO expert, or Digital marketer. In fact if you ponder over this report by...

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Your biggest barrier to starting a business

This article first appeared on the website Penelope Trunk in April 2012 Last month I gave a speech at the Natural Products Expo in California, and I took my son with me. Everyone’s an entrepreneur in my family, and my son’s first thought was that this would be a good...

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Who’s got influence with your audience?

As business owners we all understand the value of a referral. It's probably the most effective form of marketing - getting someone like a client or friend to refer you to one of their contacts is more often than not a sure fire deal. This is why groups like BNI and...

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How Small Business Owners can benefit from Outsourcing

As a small business owner, you will be used to wearing many different hats. Part of being your own boss will mean that you are also your own marketing manager, sales accountant, webmaster and receptionist. However, if you want to put all of your energy into...

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Do you have control of your online marketing?

Something that I come across time and time again when working with clients is access to their digital marketing assets. By that I mean, your domain name, your website hosting account, even your Facebook Page. If you needed to get access to your domain name for...

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Digital Marketing Advice for Small Businesses

As the world has moved towards an increasingly online economy, a variety of business disciplines have evolved beyond all recognition. This is particularly true when it comes to a company’s marketing activities. The phenomenon that is digital marketing grows in scope...

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What Is A Domain Name And How Does It Work?

I've worked with and built websites since the late 90's so sometimes I take the knowledge I have for granted but every now and then a client will ask a question that will catch me off guard. Asking a client recently about their domain name for their website that we...

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