Everyone has been affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Every household, school, and business is feeling the effects of the global health crisis. There is no denying that our regular routines and ways of life have been disrupted. While everyday people have found new ways to adapt, businesses have a more formidable task of changing their strategies to reflect the new normal we all live in. Adapting strategies to suit the new market is never a fast task, and it can be scary for businesses to move away from methods that worked in the past. However frightening it might be to try something new or respond to these unprecedented times- it is necessary. By using the best information available, common sense, a shift in perspective, and a few other tips and tricks, any business can pivot their marketing strategies to reflect our world’s current state amidst COVID-19. 

Learn From What Worked

Thankfully, your business is not alone in the struggle to adapt. Every company in every industry must respond or shift in some way in response to the pandemic, so you can learn from what other businesses try. Telehealth is one industry that found success by solving a new industry problem, using modern technology to make it work, and integrating existing practice management software to keep the backend fluid for providers. While these changes are not directly applicable to other industries, you can take the general lessons learned and apply them to your business. 

Solve A Customer Problem

Before the pandemic, your business was solving a problem for your customers. Your product or service helped customers in some way, but the problem you were solving may have changed since the pandemic hit. If the problem you were solving is no longer prevalent or even a common problem, it is time to shift to a different problem you can solve. Look at what your business offers from a customer’s perspective to see what new issues you could solve. Use customer and internal business data, like sales, site traffic, and cost metrics, to determine the best direction to head towards. Once you discover a new use for your services or a new problem you can solve, it is time to let your customers know. 

Change Your Marketing Content

There is no point in denying or hiding what is happening globally and using your same marketing content from before the pandemic is likely to be ineffective now that the pandemic is a major factor of everyday life. It is in your best interest to address the challenges customers are facing, talk to them like friends, and be sympathetic to the hard times everyone is facing. It is worth the time and effort to update your marketing content to reflect your new strategies and the current times. Any email blasts you send to customers should be at the top of the list to update with new content along with social media content. All of your customer-facing content should reflect the current times and your current marketing strategies. Thankfully, once you write content for one social media site, it can be adapted to suit other platforms. You can carry the same message across different platforms by changing specific details per platform, but you do not need to write original or unique copy for every site. 

Optimization And Value

Your marketing content might not be unique across different platforms, but your content should be optimized for each platform. Twitter has different optimization preferences compared to Facebook or Reddit. If you want your content to perform, you must cater to each of the various optimization guidelines. 

You can also optimize your content as much as possible, but if your content does not provide value to your customers, it will be passed over in the overcrowded digital realm. Ensure your digital marketing tells your customers something or gives them something of value. Tell your customers about a flash sale, answer FAQ, or show off new products so you are and your customers get something from each piece of content. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken every industry and every business. Businesses must adapt and change their marketing tactics to reflect the new situation. Look at other industries that have navigated the pandemic shift and learn from their successes. Ensure your products are still solving a problem for your customers and create new marketing content that shows how your company can help. Update your marketing content, so it is current with the times and offers something of value to your customers. Do not forget to optimize digital content, so you have the best odds of drawing in new eyes.