The past year has accelerated the growth of online events, encouraging businesses and events teams to make use of the web to provide attendees from all across the world with access to their virtual events. As well as being able to attend events from the comfort of our own homes, the virtual events world is filled with unique offerings and fun events to help us connect with our favourite communities at the click of a button. Here are just a handful of the types of online events that are possible in this day and age:

Business conferences

Virtual event platforms are becoming a must have for businesses, allowing them to connect with team members from all across the globe without the time and cost restraints. As well as the practicality, online events open up the opportunities available, allowing them to bring in guest speakers from the industry and undergo group meetings without having to leave their regular offices or homes. 

Recruitment fairs

We all know how a job fair can be; wandering around aimlessly in a hunt for our favourite brands or queueing by the busiest stalls to fight for a free pen. A virtual recruitment fair can bring together leading brands with hopeful workers from all across the country in a more organised manner. With the option to create virtual job boards and speak in one on one breakout rooms, attendees can carefully plan their visit to make the most of the event. On top of this, there is the option for businesses to carry out video assessments to narrow down the potential candidates based on key factors.

Education open days

University open days can be tricky for many prospective students, having to travel up and down the country to get to know more about their favourite options. A virtual open day is an easily accessible way to offer virtual tours of the campus, speak one on one to course tutors and to get to know current students to find out more. This is becoming a popular option for educational facilities, saving them money and allowing current staff and students to focus on their workload and get their heads down without distraction.

Entertainment events

From music concerts to live theatre shows, enjoy your favourite performers from the comfort of your own home. Where live events have had to be cancelled, many artists have gone to efforts to continue their shows online, providing disappointed fans with an opportunity to watch their favourite acts in action. As well as this, an online live chat will give attendees the chance to ask any questions and hope to engage with their favourite performers.


Instead of trekking around a huge venue to find the trader you’re looking to speak to, a virtual trade show can make things a whole lot easier for both parties. With live webinars, one on one chats and an online store available, there’s no reason why exhibitors cannot take their services online to engage with prospects from all over.