The serviced office has hit the scene in a big way, and there are many reasons why it’s become a popular alternative to a long-term lease. Unlike long-term leasing for business space, which can not only drain your resources but also lead you to become inflexible in terms of growth and expansion, serviced office solutions can give you versatility and flexibility, and allow you to be right in the centre of things where it matters most. More often than not, serviced offices are located in key areas and cities, and if you want your business to get noticed, then a serviced office in a central area is one way to get the attention you need and make your business accessible to your clients. But there is also another thing called co-working space, which is becoming popular as well. So what are the differences between the two? Here’s a comparison between serviced offices and co-working spaces: which do you really need?

The basics of co-working spaces and serviced offices

A serviced office is a special space which you can lease for the short-term, and it is basically your own private office within a building which you can set up as you see fit. Serviced offices often come with capabilities such as broadband connections and telephone lines, electricity, and maintenance and cleaning services. The co-working space, on the other hand, is often a desk or workstation that you can rent per hour, day, or month, and often suitable for freelancers wanting a more collaborative environment.

You may need a co-working space if you:

  • Would like to have more flexibility 
  • Want the option of having a lease for the short-term
  • Are highly collaborative and social and would like to harness your creativity 
  • Would like something that gives you low cost and a low level of commitment

If your business needs complete privacy and you are working under terms of strict confidentiality, a co-working space may not be the right solution for you. The same is true if you would like to have a high level of administrative services or support (such as reception areas and business and answering services). Co-working spaces may not be ideal for those who would like to have control over the layout of their office or their branding, either, because it is a generic space that is used by other entrepreneurs at the same time. 

You may need a serviced office if you:

  • Would like to have convenient access to different locations for your business or would like a central location
  • Want to have flexible terms for your lease
  • Don’t want the hassle of maintaining a building 
  • Would like access to a good level of administrative services 
  • Would like to have access to and be able to use private conference or meeting rooms 

If you want your enterprise to have a strong identity – something that your customers will appreciate and identify with – then serviced offices are a good choice because you can customise your space and layout. You can also benefit from serviced offices such as the units to rent in Manchester from Cariocca Enterprises if you want a bespoke solution for your office and require more control over your communal space and meeting facilities.