Artificial intelligence has been a staple of science fiction for years. People have long wondered how intelligent thinking programs would impact our lives. We now have an answer to this curiosity as AI has been integrated into many aspects of modern day life. Artificial intelligence can be found in self driving cars, smart devices, and digital marketing. AI was created to make life easier for people and how AI is used in digital marketing is a perfect example. AI in digital marketing can save you time, money, and headaches. Not only is AI good for you and your business but it is also good for your customers. 

What is Artificial Intelligence

Simply put, AI refers to machines or computers having the ability to think, learn, and make decisions similar to how a human would. AI allows machines to think, respond, and accomplish tasks not dissimilar to humans. These machines also have the ability to learn and adjust based on experiences and new inputs because of their artificial brains. 

AI is becoming increasingly popular for a few reasons. AI is generally more precise and makes fewer errors than humans performing the same task. These smart machines can analyze more data faster and can use that data to inform future tasks. AI can further increase the capabilities of other smart devices, such as GPSes and smart home systems, by adding algorithms. It is because of these features that AI is being used in digital marketing. 

Augmented Reality Shopping

One of the newest uses for AI is in augmented reality. There are apps that use augmented reality that allows customers to “try on” items before they buy them. By using AI, a customer can see what the product will look like either on their body or in the space around them. Allowing customers to “demo” products results in lower return rates, more satisfied customers, and higher engagement rates. 

Voice Search

Voice commands are not exactly new technology. We have been able to talk to our phones’ virtual AI assistants for a while, but the technology is becoming more sophisticated. The ability to search for products through voice commands is something customers desire. Smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa allow customers to order items online all through voice commands. This takes several steps out of the customer conversion process meaning the number of barriers a customer must overcome before buying something has drastically decreased. 


Automation is the power of having basic tasks completed without a person spending the time to  do them through the power of AI. Imagine giving an AI all of the boring and tedious tasks your company needs to accomplish everyday. What would your team be able to create with the time freed up by automating tasks like reporting or data parsing? By automating what can be automated you are increasing the productivity of your team and you are also enabling the best qualities of your team. A study found that 59% of marketers believe AI will have a significant impact on their productivity. The researchers also found that an employee’s collective hard skills are not what makes them good at their job. Anyone can be taught to look through data or compile a report, but emotional intelligence, social skills, and creativity are much harder to teach and are uniquely human abilities. By giving the AI the jobs anyone can do you are freeing up your team to work at their full potential.

Personalisation for Customers

It is rather common for ecommerce sites to track their customer’s behavior with AI. AI technology will keep tabs on what customers look at and buy on a site allowing you to use this data to your advantage. These insights allow you to make suggestions to customers for other things they might like. If a customer has been browsing for winter jackets showing them other cold weather items makes sense and may lead to an additional sale. These recommendations play a crucial role in increasing sales. Another common example of this technology is the recommended section on Netflix. Netflix is trying to keep viewers on Netflix, so by suggesting personalized and relevant content for a viewer it increases the odds that the viewer will stay on the site.  

Lead Generation

AI can act like an automatic recruiter by shifting through piles of data to find potential customers, clients, or future colleagues. AI can even predict how “hot” a lead is or it can eliminate leads that are highly unlikely to pan out so you know which leads to act on. Having an AI dig up leads for you allows your team to focus on pitching your product and making sales calls. This allows your team to focus on human to human interactions and lets the AI handle the data side. The AI can then do what it is best at and enables your team to do what they are best at. 

Real Time Customer Support

Helping customers when they have an issue is of paramount importance. Phone calls, emails, and live chat are common and popular ways of assisting customers, but AI has introduced a new method. Chatbots are AI controlled messaging systems that can engage with customers. Chatbots can be added to websites, emails, apps, and even text messages. These chatbots can help your customers with questions about products or policies, but they can also do a lot more. Starbucks has taken the chatbot to another level. You can place an order for coffee through the Facebook Messenger app. This shows how advanced AI chatbots are and how they can help your business. 

While artificial intelligence started out as science fiction it is now a fully fledged part of life and business today. AI can be found across many industries, but it has taken a firm hold within digital marketing. From lead generation, to customer service, and personalized content, having an AI by your side can make life a whole lot easier. By adding an AI to your team you can focus on the jobs a human is key for and maximize everyone’s productivity.