Packaging is all around us, being an essential part of everyday life. As consumers, we are all guilty of opting for convenience, especially when it comes to food, choosing products that can save us time in the kitchen and fit into our busy lifestyles. Nowadays, consumers and businesses alike are becoming more aware of our environmental impact and understanding the importance of change, reflecting on the damage that has being caused and realising that something needs to be done before it is too late.

Over more recent years, the options are become vast. With a wide range of eco-friendly takeaway packaging available, more and more businesses are transitioning to food packaging that is either recyclable, biodegradable or compostable. By continuing to offer consumers convenience whilst minimising environmental impact, the benefits to all parties are vast.

1. Easy to dispose of

The majority of households across the country have access to household recycling facilities, allowing them to ethically dispose of recyclable goods without having to go to external facilities. By separating materials which can be sent to recycling plants, there is less pressure put on landfill sites and food packaging can be given a new lease of life. Once the packaging has been recycled, it can be reused for things like other packaging to continue its life and not require completely new materials to be produced.

2. Reduce carbon footprints

For businesses of all sizes, it is their own responsibility to make more sustainable business decisions that not only minimise their impact, but encourage their customers to get involved. By switching to eco-friendly food packaging, the use of natural materials requires less carbon emissions and many actually draw carbon from the environment. Traditional materials such as plastic are also known to contain harmful toxins which are released as the material is created, having long lasting effects.

3. Breaks down easier

Unlike materials such as plastic which take thousands of years to fully break down, biodegradable materials make a huge difference as they naturally degrade for a shorter lifespan. Whether they react to sunlight and start to break down or are compostable and decompose with standard food waste, impact on the environment is minimised significantly.

4. A versatile solution

Now more than ever, the number of eco-friendly food packaging options are vast, offering a solution for most business types. From takeaway boxes and on the go coffee cups to individually wrapped snacks and store cupboard essentials, the number of sustainable materials available means packaging can be improved without compromising on quality and freshness.

5. Show your human side

With more consumers becoming aware of their lifestyle and actively making more sustainable decisions, connect with this audience by displaying your commitment to the environment. Doing your bit to reduce your footprint will not only display your more considerate side as a business, but is known to make you appear more trustworthy, reflecting positively on your business as a whole. We recommend sharing the steps you are taking as a business on your website, allowing your eco-conscious customers to find what they’re looking for.