Why A Clear Message In Your Webinar Can Drive Sales

Clarity is essential. When trying to sell to an audience which is ready to listen to your pitch then clarity is critical. The audience is waiting for their questions to be answered by you. As a marketer, you are not trying to frame the questions, rather trying to cater to the existing queries that the audience might have. This is one big reason as to why webinars have a bigger share when it comes with lead conversion.

Now the skill is in crafting your webinar message to meet the expectations.

The audience is particularly interested and has already entered into the buyer’s journey and you seem to have already attracted it toward your offering. Now, the focus should ideally be to increase the interest level and convert them. In order to do so, the clarity in the message is of utmost importance.

Here’s what Guy Kawasaki calls the 10-20-30 Rule, which is part of the Bonus tip in the above Infographic created by Clickmeeting.


A clear message in your webinar can push the prospect further into the buyer’s journey and convert.