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Why use our FREE Factoring Search tool?

Find out how much cash flow you could release into your business by using factoring
Find the providers that will give you the most competitive quotes for your unique business situation
Compare providers and quotes quickly and easily to save you time and money
Compare all costs and fees across a wide range of providers
from high street banks to industry specific lenders
Find out how factoring could help if your bank
has reduced your facility
Find a better deal from your existing provider if you're already using invoice finance
Your security and privacy is guaranteed
Why are more businesses using invoice factoring?

Immediately release from £10,000 to £1,000,000
with up to 95% of their ledger
Fix cash flow issues very quickly - can be within 24 hours
Let someone else worry about credit control
Free up management time to focus on moving
the business forward
Effectively get paid immediately every time a customer is supplied

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