An average of 30,000 websites are hacked EVERY day

Protect your website from the worst the internet can throw at it with our full suite of security measures.
Protect your site now!

How much is your website worth to your business?

Malware Scans

We will monitor your site daily for any suspicious code and will alert you if anything suspicious is found.

£18 per month
(£180 per year)

Website Backup

Should the very worst happen, always have a recent copy of your site. Backups include all files and databases.

£12.60 per month
(£126 per year)


Add an extra layer of protection between your website and the world. Stop suspicious traffic and denial of service attacks.

£14.40 per month
(£144 per year)

Total Security

All three security measures in one package – give your website complete protection against threats.

£36 per month
(£360 per year)

12 month minimum term required


Your site is never going to get hacked, right? Your site is just a small business site – it won’t get picked on by a hacker…

It’s not just the big corporate websites that we read about in the news that are at risk of hacking. The robots created by the hackers don’t care about your brand or whether you’re listed on the FTSE100.


  • Your home page could get replaced with something very unwelcome
  • Your site could start sending out thousands of spam emails
  • Visitors to your website could find their PC’s infected with a virus
  • Google could blacklist your site and warn visitors not to use it
  • You could find that your email accounts blacklisted so no-one will receive your emails
  • If you hold any customer details on your site they could be stolen

On average, 30,000 websites are hacked every single day!

It’s just a matter of “when” – not “if”